How to navigate High Point Market with John McClain & Courtney Porter

In the most recent episode of “The Designer Within” podcast, host John McClain welcomed Courtney Porter, editor in chief of “Decor News Now” and a distinguished figure in the design industry. This detailed and engaging episode delved into various facets of the design world, with a special focus on how to navigate High Point Furniture Market this week. Click play on the video below to listen to the episode or listen on your podcast platform of choice:

Porter and McClain embarked on a lively discussion that encompassed a wide array of topics, including the evolving landscape of luxury design and how designers and manufacturers are adapting to it. They candidly shared their perspectives on the High Point Market, highlighting both their adoration and pet peeves.

Navigating the changing interior design landscape with John McClain & Courtney Porter

One of the notable themes explored was the shifting dynamics within the design industry, characterized by a move towards greater humility and approachability among designers. The episode also emphasizes the abundant educational opportunities provided by the High Point Market, making it an essential destination for industry professionals. For a complete list of DNN’s educational panel series, click here. And to see a complete list of John McClain’s panels and talks, click here.

Furthermore, Porter and McClain offered invaluable insights for those considering partnerships with new vendors, outlining key qualities to seek and essential questions to pose. Navigational tips for making the most of the High Point Market experience were also generously shared, promising a blend of productivity and enjoyment.

About John McClain

Interior designer and business coach John McClain is the creative force behind “Designer Within.” As someone deeply immersed in the realms of luxury lifestyle, interior design, and architecture, his commitment to excellence in design is evident through his extensive portfolio of stunning projects, which have undoubtedly left a significant imprint on the luxury design landscape.

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Through the “Designer Within” podcast and his various creative endeavors, John McClain invites listeners and enthusiasts alike to explore the artistry and craftsmanship that define his work. His journey is an inspiration to those who share an appreciation for the finer aspects of interior design, architecture, and the world of aesthetics.

About the Designer Within podcast

In the world of interior design and architecture, the “Designer Within” podcast, hosted by John McClain, offers a captivating exploration of creativity, innovation, and the art of designing spaces. The podcast provides a valuable platform for design enthusiasts and professionals alike, aligning perfectly with the user’s interests in interior design and architecture.

Each episode of the “Designer Within” podcast delves into the multifaceted world of design, offering insightful interviews with prominent designers, architects, and visionaries who share their experiences, inspirations, and expertise. The podcast not only explores the creative process but also delves into the intersection of design and lifestyle. John McClain’s engaging hosting style, combined with the diverse range of topics and guests, makes “Designer Within” a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain deeper insights into the design industry.

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