Merida Studio presents Portals — an exhibition highlighting the work of artistic director Sylvie Johnson

With the selection of the oval-shaped rugs from the series, a certain color palette was preordained, but the arrangement was deliberate. A primary color scheme takes over in the central part of the gallery, positioned in a manner that references the color wheel and creates color harmony.

Rebel Nature: Christopher Grant Ward on design, history, whimsy and wonderment

In a world often disconnected from nature and overwhelmed by mass production, Ward’s work and message remind us of the value of craftsmanship, history, personal expression, and our innate connection to the natural world.

MASH Gallery’s “Muscle Memory” exhibition celebrates queer art for Pride Month and beyond

By showcasing the unique experiences, struggles, and joys of the LGBTQ community, the exhibition promotes empathy, understanding, and acceptance among a broader audience.

The Zen Collection by Draga & Aurel: Color-capturing tables with an “icy” effect

Draga & Aurel have continued their journey of experimentation into materials and transparency with the new ZEN collection of tables and coffee tables, presented recently at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery during Milan Design Week.

DESIGN MIAMI.BASEL concludes successful 18th edition of flagship Swiss fair

The week kicked off with positive early sales. Galerie Meubles et Lumières, winner of the fair’s Best Gallery Presentation award, reported the sale of two hero pieces within its booth very quickly upon opening: the Anemone sofa  by Jean-Pierre Laporte, a circular set of seating in a flower bud formation, and the large-scale, structural chandelier, Cassiopée by Max Sauze.

Is it okay if the art matches the sofa?

By bridging the gap between artists, galleries, and designers, Moss ensures that remarkable art finds its way into beautifully designed interiors.

Now Open: Design Miami.Basel

The 18th edition of DESIGN MIAMI.BASEL is now open, spotlighting rare and unique presentations of collectible design from over 25 exhibitors at the fair’s established location, the Basel Messeplatz.

Product Spotlight: Migliore+Servetto for NEUTRA

With a timeless elegance approach, Migliore+Servetto designed a new collection for NEUTRA which is a step forward in the research of matter and its vibrations. This journey began at Milan Design Week 2023 and has continued under the brand’s creative direction.

Tohoku Project presents Craft x Tech during Design Miami/Basel

Craft x Tech features collaborations with renowned designers from around the world such as Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis who works with Akita artisans and presents Yōkan, a series of two tables with a voluminous design and a wall-mounted piece, all lacquered in Kawatsura Shikki’s style.

Christie’s presents Spring design auction

NEW YORK– Christie’s New York is pleased to announce Design sale, a live auction taking place on…