Leone di Fiume donates to Red Cross to aid Ukrainians

Leone did Fiume, a maker of luxury handblown glass and candles based in Istanbul, has donated $30,000 to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine humanitarian aid. The donation will assist those affected by the war in that country by providing food, medicine, shelter and water. It will also help the Red Cross assist those displaced by the conflict.


“There are countless lives in Ukraine that are being torn apart by violence and insecurity with many being displaced, traumatized and separated from their loved ones. It is a rapidly evolving crisis, and we feel compelled to help,” said Yasemin Teke Arslan, chief executive officer of Leone di Fiume. “Many of the people who have fled Ukraine are women and children and as the fighting intensifies, so does the dire humanitarian situation. Our donation will help provide critical relief such as food, shelter and other essentials to those who need it most during this extraordinarily challenging time.”

Giving back is an important part of Leone di Fiume’s corporate ethos. Arslan’s father, Musa Teke, a master glass blower and founder of Teke Color Technologies Industry and Trade, the parent company of Leone di Fiume, grew up in challenging circumstances and believes in giving back. Teke Color has donated to the Red Cross for nearly 20 years.

Yasemin Teke Arslan

Last year, when the Black Sea region in Turkey was affected by catastrophic flash floods, Leone di Fiume and Teke Color donated more than 26,000 pieces of dinnerware to the Red Cross to help struggling families recover.

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 “Leone di Fiume and Teke Color have a long tradition of donating money and goods to charitable causes because we believe it’s the right thing to do. It is part of our core values as corporate citizens. For many years I have watched my father give back to the community in so many ways. Now it’s my turn, and I am honored to be able to do so. Not only does it feel good to know we can help those in need, but it also breeds a positive culture within our company and has a dramatic impact on the community,” Arslan said.

 In addition to ongoing donations to the Red Cross, Leone di Fiume is also a supporter of LÖSEV, also known as the Health and Education Foundation for Children with Leukemia, which provides support and assistance to children with leukemia and their families in need all around Turkey.

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