Las Vegas Product Previews Summer 2024

There certainly won’t be just one look at this market: Designers can expect to encounter a range of styles that cater to diverse tastes, from minimalist chic to opulent glamour. Take at a look at our preview of what’s to come.

A hymn to Italianness

In a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design, MC+ Studio founders Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci have partnered with luxury rug maker Illulian. The collaboration has produced the Orbis rug, a piece that blends MC+’s multidisciplinary approach with Illulian’s 50-year heritage. Both companies discuss their creative process, inspirations and the challenges of marrying tradition with modern aesthetics.

Tackling diversity and creating playful company culture with PKA Architecture 

PKA is challenging industry norms through its approach to diversity and cultivating collaborative design processes in their ever-expanding firm. Their innovative methods extend from their hiring practices to their design philosophy, setting them apart in the competitive world of residential architecture.

The plastics problem

The environmental and health hazards of plastics are becoming clear. How can you be on the forefront of sustainability to reduce their use everywhere from your office to your receiving warehouse?

The art of wellness: poetry, breathing, and your design process

Austin Allen James’ fresh perspective offers innovative ways to create intentional, wellness-focused spaces that resonate on a deeper level. Expand your professional toolkit with insights that merge artistry, poetry, and mindfulness in design.

Rebel Nature: Christopher Grant Ward on design, history, whimsy and wonderment

In a world often disconnected from nature and overwhelmed by mass production, Ward’s work and message remind us of the value of craftsmanship, history, personal expression, and our innate connection to the natural world.

Weather report: Designing for climate change

We’re in an age of extreme temperatures, major storms and explosive wildfires. But designers can create interiors that help homeowners survive what’s happening outside.

Reimagining history with the Lodge at Marconi

Nestled along the stunning coastal cliffs of Northern California’s Tomales Bay region lies Lodge at Marconi, a reimagined historic retreat that seamlessly blends mid-century modern design with the rugged natural beauty of its surroundings.

Atlanta Market Product Previews Summer 2024

This Summer at Atlanta Market, designers can expect to see a focus on organic shapes, natural materials and muted color palettes. Sustainability remains a central theme, with several brands highlighting eco-friendly practices and materials. Mixed metals, particularly brass and antiqued finishes, feature prominently in lighting and accent pieces. This market’s offerings also reflect a growing interest in modular and multifunctional furniture designed for contemporary lifestyles.

The house at the edge of the world

Nestled into the sandstone ledge of a Los Angeles hillside, the Sheats-Goldstein residence blurs the lines between building, furniture and natural surroundings. Its bold triangular forms, sculpted from poured-in-place concrete, appear to grow organically from the landscape, maximizing city and hillside views through walls of glass.