DNN launches Consumer Insights Now buying trends survey

Decor News Now will launch a consumer buying trend research project this fall in collaboration with sister publications Home News Now and Casual News Now.

The first Consumer Insights Now survey of 2,000 consumers will gather insights into the home furnishings categories households plan to purchase in the second half of 2022. This definitive survey will serve as a guide to buyers during the High Point Market and anchor our High Point Now domain.

Survey findings also will provide data on:

  • How much households plan to spend on home furnishings
  • The furniture shopping hierarchy
  • Inflation’s impact on buying
  • Consumer preferences for buying online vs. in-store
  • Which product features and benefits consumers deem most important
  • Where consumers find design inspiration
  • What furniture styles they find most appealing
  • How the furniture buying process could be improved and more 

Respondents will be located throughout the United States and will include a representative mix of age groups, ethnicities, household income levels and homeowners/renters. To qualify, all must plan to purchase home furnishings between July and December 2022 and be either the primary or joint purchase decision-maker. 

HNN research consultant Dana French is leading this project. French has been researching consumers in the home furnishings industry for more than 20 years.

“In addition to serving as home to our new research division, our High Point Now banner also will serve as the hub for all things High Point,” said group publisher Rick Harrison. “New product introductions, market news and promotions anchored by this comprehensive buying trend survey will all live at our High Point Now domain and will be an ongoing resource for retailers and vendors alike.”


Beginning with the 2023 spring market edition, Consumer Insights Now also will include a rear view component. In addition to a new pool of consumers responding to the next forward-looking buying preference survey, the project will revisit the fall consumer group to follow up on what they actually purchased. Going forward, Consumer Insights Now will provide a data-driven assessment of the ingredients that make up a consumer’s decision to buy — from stylistic preferences to financing options — and  actionable intelligence for home furnishings buyers and manufacturers. 

“The goal for this project is to create a regularly updated research platform that can help to guide our industry,” Harrison said.

High Point Now, featuring Consumer Insights Now, will be published as a series of standalone newsletters, leveraging the editorial teams and total circulations of Home News Now, Casual News Now and Decor News Now. The newsletters will be distributed weekly for six weeks beginning with premarket in mid-September and will conclude as the High Point Market opens in October. 

“For our audience and for our advertisers, High Point Now will deliver must-have content for the coming market cycle,” Harrison said.

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