Antonia Caicedo on emotive art, sensorial luxury, and collaborating with design industry giants

Interior designer Antonia Caicedo brings her global perspective to her recently launched “Antonia Collection” – a curated line of case goods, upholstery, and lighting that forges a stylish bond between Art Deco and Mid-Century modern aesthetics. The collection is the result of collaborative partnerships between Caicedo and three respected industry brands: artisan atelier JIMECO, EJ Victor and Fine Art Lamps. 


Caicedo’s “effortless luxury” designs have been turning heads; melding geometric forms, feminine curves, mixed materials and finishes into a fresh aesthetic that is both sophisticated and youthful.

We had the chance to talk with Caicedo about her creative process, sources of inspiration, and the journey that led to high-profile partnerships with leading manufacturers. She also shares insights into developing commercially-viable, well-crafted pieces made to elicit an emotional response – the qualities that have helped the Antonia brand resonate most with designers.

DNN: Tell me about your origin story: What was the moment you knew interior design was for you? 

Antonia Caicedo (AC): It’s crazy, but I have wanted to do something design-related since I was very young. I remember when I was 10–12 years old, that I would do little floorplans on my notebook during classes. I then enrolled in a mini interior design course back home when I was 15, then I was absolutely sure this was my thing.  

My father was actually a key person in my final decision to be an interior designer; he always taught me that I should always do what makes me truly happy in order to be successful. He encouraged and supported my dream of becoming an interior designer and gave me the opportunity to travel, study and work abroad in places I always dreamt about. 

Antonia Caicedo on furniture collaborations

DNN:  You recently launched new Antonia lighting and furniture collections with Fine Art Lamps, Jimeco and with EJ Victor. Can you describe your typical design process from concept to execution? And what is collaborating with both of these brands like? 

AC: Working with these three industry giants has been an absolute pleasure, but also quite a challenge that I took with responsibility. I am ever grateful that these three legacy companies gave a young designer like myself the opportunity and entrusted me with their innovation. 

The Antonia Collection was launched back in 2017 with only a few casegoods selections made by Jimeco and shown for the first time in High Point Market in October of 2017 in partnership with EJ Victor. I had some upholstery sketches already designed that I believed would go very well with the overall look of my collection; It was in 2019 that EJ Victor saw the potential to become my upholstery partner and we introduced the Antonia Upholstery for the first time. 

Fine Art came into the picture a few years later. We were introduced to Rene Quintana and Laura Goldblum, principals at Fine Art in 2021, as I was looking for a lighting partner and they were looking for an interesting partnership to source some luxury finishes for their own lighting. One thing led to the next and I ended up designing a collection for them integrating all the luxury finishes that were already part of the Antonia Collection, and this allowed the Antonia brand to become a proper lifestyle collection finally. 

My design process is quite simple actually, working on the manufacturing side gave me the tools to design with a functional mindset so the “how-to-make-it” process starts from the conception of a piece. I am a technological girl, so I sketch everything digitally, I then do some colored renderings to see the combination of materials and then I pass my sketches and ideas to the product development departments of each company. It is always a collaborative conversation. 

The idea is to keep the design intent as intact as possible but still address the kinks together to make each piece commercially viable and easy to build, always taking into account each company’s manufacturing strengths and capabilities. Things get tweaked and edited along the process, but seeing the final product come to life is an absolute pleasure. 

DNN:  Do you have a favorite piece (or pieces)? What are the best-sellers so far? And are any of the pieces in your own home? 

AC: I have always loved the Laurent Sideboard, the shape, and combination of finishes, are the true examples of why I call the collection “effortless luxury”. We have several best sellers, The Madeleine coffee table, Toulouse Dining Table and Cannes Sofa are absolute favorites. 

Antonia Caicedo Mercedes Coffee Table
[And] Yes! My home is currently featuring a beautiful Mercedes Coffee Table and a Jacques Deux Dining Table :)… Would love to add my new Maxime Sofa soon. 

DNN:  What are you experimenting with in these new collections that is different from your past work? 

AC: Being an interior designer gave me a lot of insight into understanding proportions, styles, and detail. I absolutely love furniture design because I design for all projects, not just one. I really enjoy the fact that great interior designers that I admire love my collection and choose to integrate my designs into their work or even into their homes. This is gratifying and really quite an honor for me. 

DNN:  What is the design philosophy that runs through your work as an artist, interior designer and product designer? 

AC: Furniture for me is an experience so I have to design to make that experience memorable. How is a person going to use it, how does it feel when they touch it or use it, when they look at it, when they experience it and live surrounded by it.  My objective is to arouse an emotional response from everybody who comes across any of my designs. I want them to feel delighted, to fall in love with their acquisition and always to remember what they felt, the first time they touched that smooth silky dining table top or the soft feminine curve of one of my sofas. 

Antonia Caicedo’s inspirations

DNN:  What are your primary sources of inspiration? 

AC: My travels are a big source of inspiration, I love doing architecture tours in every single city I visit, I watch for construction details, styles etc. My two great favorite styles of all time are Art Deco and Mid Century Modern, they are absolutely timeless and relevant. I do get some inspirations from past masters of design, like Mies Van der Rohe, Aldo Tura, Jean Michel Frank among others. 

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DNN:  Aside from your own collections, what other vendors are capturing your attention these days as an interior designer? What makes a good vendor for you as a designer? 

AC: I have always admired the work of Liaigre, Atelier des Amis, Eric Schmitt, Georgetti and Poltrona Frau. Their craftsmanship is impeccable and their manufacturing capabilities are quite unique. 

DNN:  Looking ahead, what excites you the most about the future of the Antonia brand? How do you see the brand evolving?

AC: I am loving every step of this journey. Working with such great partners has been, if not, the most important part of it. Being on the lookout for future collaborations, maybe step into textiles or rugs?… I want the Antonia brand to be recognized in the industry as [a] beacon of design, luxury and quality.

DNN: Do you have a dream project you’d love to have realized?

AC: I would love to collaborate with a luxury fashion brand to do their concept flagship stores. Chloé, call me!

About Antonia Caicedo

Antonia is a highly accomplished interior architect and designer who has executed numerous international projects across cities like Paris, Miami, Park City, Houston, and Bogotá. With a global perspective honed through education in Italy and America, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the prestigious Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, as well as a Master’s in Interior Architecture from the renowned Rhode Island School of Design.

Having worked on three continents over her career, Antonia’s work epitomizes contemporary elegance tailored for our globalized world. In 2017, she launched her own Antonia Collection featuring curated case goods, upholstery and lighting for both the US and European markets. Her designs meld Art Deco and Mid-Century modern influences into what she terms “Effortless Luxury.”

As Antonia describes it, “Elegance and luxury are becoming increasingly personal, experiential and sensorial. I wanted to create something that seamlessly combined various finishes while keeping elegance paramount, respecting the iconic styles and designers I admire.”

As a millennial designer, Antonia represents the leading wave of new talent that will define interior design trends in an atelier tradition for years to come. Her refined yet fresh aesthetic positions her as an influential voice shaping the future of luxury interiors.To learn more about Antonia and her collections, visit her online.

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