19 Hours 2024: A milestone in design education

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 10, 2024 – Mydoma is thrilled to host the fifth annual 19 Hours Virtual Design Conference, scheduled for June 13-14, 2024. This industry-leading event for interior designers is dedicated to showcasing innovative strategies and insights from some of the most influential figures in the design business world. 


This year’s conference is set to deliver unparalleled value with keynote speaker LuAnn Nigara, whose insights and business advice has inspired thousands. Joining her in a variety of individual sessions are industry experts such as Tobi Fairley, Sandra Funk, Kae Whitaker and Linda Holt, each bringing their perspectives and strategies to the virtual stage. Sessions will explore strategies for streamlined business operations, empowering designers to spend less time managing and more time designing. Additionally, workshops like Kae Whitaker’s on marketing automation will equip participants to streamline their workflows. The variety ensures that attendees can gather relevant and impactful takeaways regardless of their career stage. 

The conference will also bring successful designers to the stage to share their experiences. “Strategic Business Models for Modern Interior Designers,” featuring John McClain, Claire Jefford, and Jessica Duce will delve into effective business strategies and emerging trends, offering attendees practical insights and innovative ideas to enhance their practices. 

“Mydoma is proud to host 19 Hours, a conference that fosters learning and cultivates an environment where creativity and business strategies converge,” said Sarah Daniele, CEO of Mydoma. “This event is crafted to empower designers to excel in a competitive industry, ensuring they leave with a wealth of knowledge, enhanced skills, and expanded networks.” 

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As an added value, all sessions will be recorded and available post-event. Registration for 19 Hours 2024 is now open and free of charge, underscoring Mydoma’s commitment to accessible education in design. For more information on the event schedule, session details, and registration, please visit Mydoma’s website.

About Mydoma: 

Mydoma is a leading provider of software solutions for interior designers, streamlining project management and client communication with innovative tools designed to drive business success. 

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