Patterson Flynn’s creative director on collaborating with Mary McDonald

Collaborations often yield remarkable results, and today, we have the pleasure of talking to Patterson Flynn’s creative director, Pamela Marshall about their latest collaboration with acclaimed designer Mary McDonald. Mary’s multifaceted inspiration, deeply rooted in classic architectural elements, including the intricate details found in buildings, floors, ironwork, and furniture, has given birth to a collection that promises to captivate the senses.


DNN: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the new collection with Mary McDonald? What sets it apart from your previous collections with Mary?

PM: Mary pulls inspiration from so many places. Many of these designs nod to classic architectural details, including buildings, floors, ironwork and furniture. One of the major features that sets this collection apart from prior launches are the materials and constructions. Historically, we have turned to coiled abaca to interpret Mary’s designs and this collection uses silk, mohair, alpaca, cashmere and more. The most decadent materials you can imagine with lush hand-knotted constructions bringing them to life.

DNN: Collaborations are important – how do you select collaborators, like Mary McDonald? What makes a good partner for Patterson Flynn? What’s it like working with Mary McDonald?

PM: An ideal collaborator is continually inspired, always curious, never stagnant in their design thinking. Inspiration sometimes begins with the design idea, sometimes with a desired material or construction that is then worked into. There is no “correct” place to start, if there is a strong point of view and a beautiful product. I have been lucky to have worked on several different collections with Mary and have such an appreciation for her love for and knowledge of design across so many areas. We go back and forth on different ways to realize design ideas and always come away with something incredibly chic. There is also always a lot of fun had along the way! 

DNN: How do interior design trends factor into the development of a new line for you? How does this collection provide a fresh perspective?

PM: It sounds cliché, but trends don’t factor into the collections we develop. While we pay attention to what our clients are using, what truly drives us is incredible craftsmanship and the finest materials we can find. If we can marry these things with just the right design, we have succeeded. This collection feels fresh in the pairing of bold graphics brought down to earth with rich color and materials that beg to be touched. 

DNN: Finish this sentence: An interior designer shops Patterson Flynn over others because…

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PM: Best in class materials, design and service. While we provide new design inspiration to designers monthly, we can also create anything a designer dreams up. We are with the client through the entire journey through final installation and no detail goes unattended. The end result is something that is truly unique to each client and space.

DNN: Lastly, do you have a favorite rug in the collection or one that you are most proud of?

PM: Of course, I’m going to say they are all my favorites… but Riviera really stands out to me. The hand-knotted wool and silk combined with small areas of no pile bring such a warm and earthy feel to the design’s stylish geometry. One color is richer than the next and it truly looks and feels like an important antique textile you might find in a museum.

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