What makes a home iconic with June Reese

Today, June Reese’s Iconic Home: Interiors, Advice, and Stories from 50 Amazing Black Designers is available wherever books are sold. Iconic Home offers readers an invaluable behind-the-scenes perspective on what it truly means to be a person of color creating within the dynamic landscape of the design industry today. We had the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss what makes a home iconic and the importance of representation in design. Click play on the video below to watch our discussion:


About Iconic Home

Iconic Home: Interiors, Advice, and Stories from 50 Amazing Black Designers, is a compelling work presented by Black Interior Designers, Inc. (BIDI)’s June Reese, showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity of 50 prolific black interior designers. This illuminating book goes beyond the aesthetics, providing a profound exploration of their inspirations, expertise, and the unique experiences of being designers of color in the contemporary design industry.

Catch June Reese at Caracole at High Point Market for a her panel and book signing.

The book’s foreword by Amy Astley, the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest, underscores its significance in the design world. Since its inception in 2010, BID has played a pivotal role in uniting, connecting, and promoting Black designers, giving well-deserved recognition to their projects. In Iconic Home, June Reese, showcases her astute eye for design and her compelling writing skills, weaving together captivating interiors with the personal narratives of each featured designer.

With a star-studded cast of 50 industry luminaries, including notable figures like Justina Blakeney, Faith Blakeney, Adair Curtis and Jason Bolden of JSN Studio, Bridgid Coulter, Corey Damen Jenkins, Forbes Masters, General Judd, Keia McSwain, and Brigette Romanek, Reese delves into their journeys, struggles, and triumphs. The book exposes the design philosophies and creative influences that shape their work, brilliantly illuminated through a diverse range of impeccably designed spaces.

About June Reese

June Reese is the Vice President of Black Interior Designers Incorporated (BIDI), a trailblazing nonprofit organization. Her journey with BIDI started in 2017, and she has been a driving force behind the organization’s success ever since.

In addition to her pivotal role at BIDI, June is the Chief Creative Officer of her own firm, House of June Interiors. Situated in the heart of Houston, Texas, House of June specializes in comprehensive interior design services, focusing on residential interiors, remodels, and new construction projects. Her design philosophy involves a unique blend of contemporary aesthetics layered with an unwavering commitment to sophistication, resulting in spaces that exude modern charm.

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June studied both business and interior design at Houston Community College and the Art Institute of Houston. She champions values of equity, sustainability, authenticity, transparency, and elevated experiences in all her endeavors. At her core, June is dedicated to creating programs and resources that uplift and empower underserved communities. Her unyielding commitment to lifelong learning is evident in her determined and enthusiastic approach to all initiatives, always with a positive outlook that propels her forward.

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