Luxury off-grid living with Living Vehicle

The ‘Tiny home’ and ‘off-grid living’ trends are often written about in the context of downsizing but Living Vehicle is focused on something different.: luxury off-grid living

Living Vehicle (LV), the brainchild of Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, is the embodiment of their shared enthusiasm for freedom and the art of mobile living. With over a decade of expertise in designing and residing in mobile spaces, the Hofmanns embarked on a mission to pioneer a contemporary mobile lifestyle solution. Operating the bespoke mobile design firm in Santa Barbara, CA, their objective was to forge an eco-friendly, self-sustaining, and net-zero mobile living experience for the luxury market. Read on for our conversation with Matthew Hofmann, CEO of Living Vehicle. 


DNN: How does Living Vehicle fit into the larger trends of sustainable living and tiny homes?

MH: Living Vehicle harmoniously integrates with the contemporary vogue of sustainable living. As a symbol of luxury off-grid living, this travel trailer elevates sustainability with its use of solar energy, avant-garde water sourcing, and energy conservation methods. Beyond its eco-centric foundations, Living Vehicle’s compact design captures the essence of the tiny home trend.

DNN: And what sets Living Vehicle apart?

MH: What sets it apart? A resolute passion for pairing high-end comfort with sustainable practices—perfect for those who appreciate the confluence of luxury and eco-design.

DNN: Who is the target consumer for Living Vehicle?

MH: Living Vehicle is a movable masterpiece. Its target audience is a stylish blend of modern-day adventurers and luxury connoisseurs, with a sprinkling of tech-savvy nomads and eco-aware explorers. This mobile dwelling is perfect for those keen to explore untouched terrains, adopt off-grid lifestyles, and immerse themselves in nature’s lap while nestled amidst designer comforts. Whether you’re a couple envisioning luxe retreats or a design professional seeking an on-the-move chic workspace, Living Vehicle promises a travel experience dripping with sophistication.  All this is accomplished while completely disconnected from the grid, generating self-sufficient power from natural resources.

DNN:What is the R+D process like for Living Vehicle? What role did customer feedback play in the development of the HD24, for example?

MH: The design and development journey of Living Vehicle is a tale of innovation and aesthetic evolution. Rooted in our rich experiences (think living in avant-garde prototypes and crafting 400+ mobile sanctuaries across platforms), this brand truly understands the art of space optimization. Now, it’s the feedback from home and decor enthusiasts, rooted in the vision of our collective customer base, that shapes this vehicle’s evolution. Our customer voice drove refinements in the HD24 model, influencing its design layout, versatile storage, and luxe customization options.  Our customers wanted a shorter, more capable unit that maximized storage capability with room for passion-centered gear needs.  Photography, sports, and professional equipment was all a requirement for on-land exploration.

DNN: What are your interior design influences for Living Vehicle?

MH: Drawing the curtain to the Living Vehicle’s interiors reveals a canvas of eclectic design influences. Echoing the ethos of contemporary and timeless design, its design vibe mirrors modern residential aesthetics, akin to pages from luxury home magazines. Luxurious materials, seamlessly integrated technologies, and clever spatial strategies are reminiscent of state-of-the-art architectural masterpieces. However, what truly captures our imagination is the blend of classic elegance with the practicalities of mobile living—offering customers a truly enchanting blend of style and utility.

Explore the newest addition to their HD Line up: HD24

Imagine an escape into nature, waking up to the quiet stillness yet enveloped in unmatched comfort – all powered by the sun. Living Vehicle, a pioneer in luxury off-grid travel trailers, proudly introduces the HD24 model, the latest addition to the HD Series. 

These all-electric sanctuaries epitomize the future of travel: marrying the allure of wild adventures with uncompromising luxury, independent of traditional utilities.  The new 24-foot model brings all the capability and features of the company flagship HD30, but in a smaller and nimbler package.  

Joanna Hofmann, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Living Vehicle, shares how the new model is the perfect addition to the HD lineup. “The HD series now offers a suite of models that reimagines off-grid living. More than just trailers, they represent an elevated way of experiencing the world: a blend of raw nature and unmatched luxury, all without tethering you to civilization.”

Key Highlights:

  • Sun-Powered Adventures:  Harness the sun to run high-end appliances, enjoy off-grid air conditioning, and more. Remain energized and stay unplugged from RV hookups, thanks to the robust 72 kWh energy system and All-Solar-Roof. 
  • Comfort in Any Climate: Brave temperatures from -4°F to 120°F with the industry-first, dual-zone inverter mini split HVAC system.
  • Your Space, Your Rules: Tailor your space with choices like the King Bedroom Suite or Creative Studio with the HD 30 or the adaptable 5’ x 8’ gear locker with the HD 24.
  • Fresh Water on the Go: Create up to 5 gallons of purified water daily with the groundbreaking Water-From-Air technology, extracting humidity from the air.

Drawing inspiration from luxury motor yachts, the HD model effortlessly merges comfort with capability. “For Living Vehicle owners, the HD is equal to experiencing a high-end yacht, designed for land-based expeditions and journeys,” Matthew Hofmann, CEO of Living Vehicle, explains. “LV is ideal for those desiring to embark on multi-week trips to ranches or privately owned land, indulging in fly fishing trips, invigorating hikes, or simply taking time to seek solitude in nature.”

The Living Vehicle is more than just a travel trailer; it’s a 5-star mobile escape. With a range of trim levels and a wealth of customization options, it offers a travel experience like no other. High-end design meets unparalleled quality, ensuring that each journey is as memorable as the destinations.

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The HD24 is Compact and Luxurious

Offering size-conscious design for more versatile travel, the HD24 features a gear closet that doubles as an adventurer’s haven or a digital nomad’s workspace.  Perfectly suited for couples who want a smaller unit but maximize the amount of gear they can take with them.   

Matthew sums it up, The HD24 redefines luxury travel. A Residential-Size 5’ x 8’ walk-in closet is unheard of in a compact trailer. The amount of adventure gear, supplies, and overall storage space is mind-blowing.”

Availability: A functional piece of art, each Living Vehicle is custom-built to the customer’s needs and desires. Limited production remaining for the HD Series production in 2024, well equipped from $299,995. 

More about Living Vehicle

 Founded in 2017, Living Vehicle crafts luxury living spaces that allow you to explore, live, and thrive off-grid. Achieving the highest possible TRA Green RV certification, Living Vehicle’s 2024 models reaffirm their top-tier status in eco-luxury travel. 

At its core, Living Vehicle seeks to recreate the comforts of home within a mobile milieu. The interior of LV serves as a testament to the utilization of natural and robust materials, akin to an empty canvas for personal expression. Each LV is an individual masterpiece, meticulously tailored to the unique preferences and lifestyle of its owner. The Luxury Finishes package elevates this experience with premium materials, including exquisite black walnut wood treatments, luminous white surfaces that invite natural light, abundant windows that seamlessly connect the interior with the outdoors, and the extensive use of mill finish aluminum, an eco-conscious choice.

Living Vehicle surpasses industry standards by obtaining certification to meet the rigorous LEED IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Standards. Their unwavering commitment to excellence transcends aesthetics, with an unwavering focus on automotive benchmarks, ensuring that every facet of LV meets the pinnacle of quality. Furthermore, Living Vehicle champions sustainability and well-being by adhering to the stringent requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council LEED program, meticulously considering design concepts and material selection to safeguard indoor air quality. In essence, Living Vehicle represents a seamless fusion of opulence, sustainability, and mobility, redefining the modern concept of mobile living.

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