Whole home health and designing with heart

Austin-based firm Triple Heart Design, led by principal designer Shelagh Conway, has carved out a unique niche focusing on whole-home health – integrating principles of sustainability, natural elements, and spiritual wellness into every design project. This week on Disruptive Design, DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Conway to discuss her journey, philosophy, and top insights that have made her an influential voice in the luxury home health movement. Click play on the video below to watch the discussion:


What sets Triple Heart Design apart is Conway’s holistic approach that views the home environment as intimately connected to personal health and mindfulness. By emphasizing natural light, sustainable materials, flexible living spaces and serene “unplugged” nooks, her designs nurture spiritual, mental and physical wellness from within. For Conway, cultivating whole-home health is both a personal passion and the key to mindful, restorative living.

whole home health kitchen design by shelagh Conway of triple heart design

Healthy kitchen design

Kitchens are often the place where homeowners are happy to splurge, but what they are splurging on is changing. Conway predicts microwaves will soon be phased out of kitchens, replaced by steam ovens that reheat food by infusing moisture rather than radiation. She also predicts induction cooktops will become mainstream for their safety benefits, especially for homes with young children or aging adults. Her millennial, tech-savvy clients driving demand for high-end coffee bars and smart appliances with the latest features.

The #1 thing to enhance home health

Allowing abundant natural light is the No. 1 thing she says designers and homeowners can do to enhance home health and connect with the outdoors. Even simple changes like adjusting window treatments can make a big impact, without breaking the bank.

“What I want people to understand is you can create that serenity in any space. It is just a mindset, and it does not have to be expensive,” says Conway, “So first and foremost, seek the serenity. Let design be an add-on [benefit] to that to implement your vision and your dream. But go for the serenity first, because it’s truly who we are.”

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Triple Heart embraces the “80/20 rule” — creating flex spaces that can accommodate everyday needs but also expand for hosting, holidays and special events. She wants to define multiple “unplugged” nooks, away from busier living areas, for solitude and serenity.

Whether envisioning her dream “Modern Tahoe Ranch Lodge” family compound or speccing the latest healthy kitchen innovations, Conway is a true pioneer making strides to enhance wellness through intelligent interior design. Her ability to merge cutting-edge sustainability practices with ancient spiritual principles allows Triple Heart Design to craft transcendent spaces that restore harmony between structures and their inhabitants. | To learn more about Shelagh Conway and Triple Heart design, visit her online.

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