Reps are Local Too: a movement to empower retailers and strengthen local communities

Atlanta, May 21, 2024 – In response to the evolving landscape of retail, a collaborative initiative named “Reps are Local Too” is set to launch this summer. Spearheaded by Angela Schmook, Vice President, Road Runners, and Kelly P. Bristol, VP Business Development at Just Got 2 Have It!, this movement emphasizes the significance of ordering from local representatives within the retail sector. 


“Reps are Local Too” is fueled by the dedication of over 25 representative agencies nationwide, all uniting to champion local businesses. 

Participating sales representative agencies include: And! Sales, Darrah & Company, Diverse Marketing, Enchanted Moments, Just Got 2 Have It, Keith Smith, The Link Companies, NEST, Next Step Reps, The Portico Collection, On the Road Reps, Ritz Sisters, Road Runners, Sales Producers, SE Marketplace, Twist Sales, among many others. 

Central to this endeavor, retailers are encouraged to foster partnerships with representatives who intimately understand the unique needs and dynamics of their local market. By ordering from local reps, retailers can not only learn more about the products they bring to their customers, but also cultivate enduring relationships that contribute to the vitality of their stores and their communities.

Angela Schmook, Vice President of Road Runners notes, “In the spirit of the ‘Shop Local’ Movement, ‘Reps are Local Too'” underscores the importance of retailers collaborating with their local representatives. Reps are the lifeline of their communities, working diligently to fill stores with new products and helping create local revenue so that every Main Street may thrive.”

Kelly Bristol added, “This movement transcends individual interests, bringing together rep agencies from across the country in an unprecedented, shared commitment to remind retailers to prioritize business relationships built on trust and extensive expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.” 

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The campaign will be noticeable throughout the Summer Market season, due to the pivotal support of market centers and trade shows, including the Dallas Market Center, Atlanta Market Center, Las Vegas Market Center, Seattle Mart, and NY NOW. 

The official launch of the campaign is scheduled for June 4th, accompanied by a coordinated social media blitz across participating agencies. With a steadfast commitment to continuity beyond the summer market season, “Reps are Local Too” anticipates a lasting impact well into 2025 and beyond.

For more information and updates, follow “Reps are Local Too” on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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