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Rooms in Bloom: Legends of La Cienega 2024 Recap

Legends of La Cienega returned for its 14th year with candid conversations on heritage and design to breathtaking showroom window displays that bloomed with creativity.

Whole home health and designing with heart

Austin-based firm Triple Heart Design, led by principal designer Shelagh Conway, has carved out a unique niche focusing on “whole-home health” – integrating principles of sustainability, natural elements, and spiritual wellness into every design project.

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Creating Harmony: The Power of Wellness Design

An overview of wellness design, its impact on physical health, emotional well-being, social engagement, and sustainability practices, as well as key considerations for implementing wellness design to create healthier and more supportive environments for building occupants.

Jennifer Miller blooms where she is planted 

Los Angeles-based designer Jenny Miller infuses a warm, California-cool aesthetic into her interiors, and she is bringing those same sun-drenched landscapes to her premier collection of wall coverings and art prints at Miller House, aptly titled “The California Garden Collection.”

A prescription for healthier homes

We think of our homes as centers of family life, restful retreats from the world, places for socializing. But they, too, can foster health and wellness. We consider ways large and small to add features that improve physical and mental well-being.

Do you need design therapy? with Kim Colwell

Los Angeles-based designer Kim Colwell has a transformational approach to interior design—one that intricately weaves together environmental psychology and the principles of feng shui. Rooted in her early experiences within her grandparents’ historic home and influenced by her mother’s background as a shaman and clinical psychologist, Colwell’s design philosophy revolves around understanding how environments shape human development and what interior designers can do about it.

Decor News Now’s Fall High Point 2023 Schedule

The collaborative talk titled, “Design Business Blueprint: Discover How to Strategize and Grow Your Design Business” will feature an exclusive one-to-one chat between Yudi Kaufman, Founder & President of YKD Associates and Business Development & Licensing Expert, and Courtney Porter, Editor in Chief of Decor News Now. The lively discussion will explore strategies, tips, and tools for how to navigate, strengthen, and grow your design business.

The future of marketing luxury products and why your furniture brand may become a media company

Oren John, of Product People and Product World, sat down with DNN Editor in Chief, Courtney Porter to discuss the future of luxury branding, radical experiential marketing and why your furniture company may become a media company. Click play on the video below to watch the discussion.