Jennifer Miller blooms where she is planted 

It has been said when one gets stuck designing, they would be wise to study nature; that the deeper one’s appreciation of their natural surroundings, the better the design will be.

This is certainly the case for interior designer and artist Jennifer Miller, whose work as an interior designer and artist is inextricably linked to nature. Her work explores its impact on emotional well-being and our daily lives, inside and out.

The Los Angeles-based designer infuses a warm, California-cool aesthetic into her interiors, and she is bringing those same sun-drenched landscapes to her premier collection of wall coverings and art prints at Miller House, aptly titled “The California Garden Collection.”

Not fast fashion

An appreciation for nature brings with it a desire to give back to it or take very little from it. Thus, Miller House products are decidedly not fast-fashion. The products exude a boutique, handmade quality, in contrast to mass-produced or computer-generated designs and are made using ethically sourced sustainable materials.

The premier Miller House collection includes wallpapers in 8 color ways featuring nature-inspired patterns, coordinating fabrics in 5 color ways, as well as limited edition art prints derived from Miller’s original artwork.

Miller House’s wallpaper line is meticulously hand-painted by Jennifer Miller herself. Using water-based inks on paper, each wallpaper design is lovingly crafted with a true textured appearance. Every wallpaper order is made-to-order, ensuring a personalized product for each customer.

The Miller House brand embodies an artisanal aesthetic, a feeling of being enveloped in her warm nature-scapes. Her artistic process is deeply instinctual and “heart-led,” as she likes to say, translating her 2D artwork into 3D pieces aimed at “giving the senses sensitivity” to evoke an emotional response.

Sustainability and wellness design

Timelessness and sustainability are big priorities for Miller House. Natural materials, vintage elements, and eco-friendly sourcing are her tent poles for creating pieces designed to last for generations.

See Also

The art collection showcases five original artworks that capture the exquisite beauty of California’s indigenous plant life. Available in various sizes, these prints pay homage to the splendor found in nature through Miller’s artistic depictions of California’s native flora.

Special, organic and alive

Looking ahead, Miller is designing her next collection and has ambitious plans to expand the Miller House brand into fabric, furniture, and lighting – positioning it alongside established names like Rebecca Atwood and Farrow & Ball. With her nature-inspired, handmade style, Miller is carving out a unique niche in luxury home decor.

No stranger to product design, Miller’s firm has dealt predominantly in custom furniture. She is now democratizing some of those custom pieces by translating them into limited product collections to share her artistic vision more broadly. As their offerings continue to grow, Miller House feels destined to become a coveted name for those seeking home decor that feels — to use Miller’s words — “special, organic and alive.” | Learn more about Jennifer Miller and Miller House here.

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