Design Moonshine

The art of wellness: poetry, breathing, and your design process

Austin Allen James’ fresh perspective offers innovative ways to create intentional, wellness-focused spaces that resonate on a deeper level. Expand your professional toolkit with insights that merge artistry, poetry, and mindfulness in design.

No more boring lamps

Austin Allen James explores unconventional shapes, materials, and creative approaches to design lamps as sculptural art pieces that set the mood and create a unique ambiance in any space.

Abandon your design bias

Austin Allen James’ thought-provoking piece explores how to escape design monotony by blurring the lines between art forms.

Design Moonshine: Diversity in Design

Change tends to happen slowly and then all at once. Our industry is working on diversity inclusion; I suggest we hasten the pace. Let’s burn the box and design from the ashes. Let’s find inspiration that we cannot see without diverse perspectives. We are doing ourselves an injustice by not substantially including people from various races and ethnic backgrounds to help us take the industry we love to the next level. 

If you do not like change, our industry bids you goodbye

Like red shoes with pressed blue jeans, one must possess verve in a market setting.  I love to feel the exhilaration of “standing in front of a wall selling art.”  I was hooked.  As Mario Andretti is famous for saying, “If everything seems under control, you are just not going fast enough.” I could not wait for the next market and new, shiny objects to sell.  Most of us are entrepreneurs.  Manufacturers and Reps alike run their own business: feast or famine.