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The state of the luxury market

This week I Design News Now Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sat down with Pamela N. Danziger, internationally recognized scholar on The American Affluent and consumer buying habits. Their wide-ranging conversation covers:

Opportunities for manufacturers and interior designers to grow with their consumers’ incomes
Which home furnishings brands have the name recognition and trust from consumers with household incomes of $400k+
How manufacturers and interior designers need to brace themselves for a down market by moving from “growth mode” to “profit mode”
Why she thinks Banana Republic should stay in their lane
And why the quiet luxury “trend” is here to stay

Decor News Now’s Fall High Point 2023 Schedule

The collaborative talk titled, “Design Business Blueprint: Discover How to Strategize and Grow Your Design Business” will feature an exclusive one-to-one chat between Yudi Kaufman, Founder & President of YKD Associates and Business Development & Licensing Expert, and Courtney Porter, Editor in Chief of Decor News Now. The lively discussion will explore strategies, tips, and tools for how to navigate, strengthen, and grow your design business.

Trend watching: What’s ahead for 2024

The upcoming High Point Market Oct. 14-18 is a great place to suss out burgeoning home furnishings trends, but it also can be helpful to head into the market with some design directions already in mind.

To help you shop the show, we’ve gathered trend watches from interior designers, design platforms and others. Here’s a look at some of what they say will shape home design in 2024 and beyond.

‘Vibrant mature consumers’ have the money to spend

Vibrant mature consumers are the top 20% of spenders in the 50-70 age group — it’s also a group that tends to be happier and more active than other mature consumers. Despite their ability to spend, they can be overlooked by retailers, brand marketers and even interior designers because they don’t drive trends and account for a lower percentage of overall consumer spending than younger generations.

We are living in the ‘phygital’ world

Consumers who wanted to shop in-store sometimes and online at other times forced retailers to become omnichannel, offering their wares through brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites. But omnichannel is not enough. Consumers increasingly want to shop in the “phygital world,” where technology speeds and improves the in-store browsing and buying experience.

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