Regina Andrew Detroit delivers on upholstery with white-glove service

When Regina Andrew Detroit launched a 30-plus piece upholstery collection at the High Point Market last October — its first major line in the category — it also began offering white-glove delivery. The combination helped to make the launch a success, especially among the company’s interior design customers.

“The line was really well-received at market and then, after market, the orders really started to come through,” says Carla Regina, co-founder and chief creative officer of the Detroit-based lighting, decor and furniture source. “… And then we launched alongside the upholstered seating, the white-glove service. That has been wonderful. Designers love it.”

Carla Regina

When placing orders, customers can choose the option, having pieces delivered directly to a client’s home, with an additional fee depending on the order size. The option can add seven to 10 days to delivery dates, but, with lead times back down to pre-pandemic six- to eight-week time frames, the additional days aren’t a concern for most customers, Regina says. Offered through RAD’s freight broker, the white-glove service keeps customers up to date on deliveries with regular texts or emails. To be sure the system worked well, Regina and company co-founder James Andrew ran test deliveries to some sales reps and to themselves.

“It’s a very first-class service,” she says. “We’ve been very happy with them.”

Customers were a driving force behind the upholstery line launch last fall. “We’d always had a select group of upholstery items that complemented our lighting line, and normally we’d bring out a couple of pieces at a time,” Regina says. “But our customers had been asking for more products, requesting more upholstery and furniture.”

The line was a chance to try other new things, as well. “We wanted to explore producing domestically,” Regina says. “… We wanted also to work with materials that we weren’t seeing overseas as much and wanted to use organic and performance fabrics, as well.”

Like the rest of the RAD line, which includes lighting, tables, consoles, etageres, cabinets, wall art, decor, pillows and more, the upholstery line has a “contemporary style but it’s also timeless,” Regina explains.

The inviting Oslo sectional is covered in a performance fabric.

In designing the collection, Regina and partner Andrew wanted to create a “luxury seating experience,” with “sinking, comfortable” feels but a refined look and luxurious fabrics. Frames feature solid wood construction for durability, topped with a combination of foam and feather for structure and comfort.

Another big part of the design process focused on the details, Regina says, including legs of solid oak and maple.

“We have gone with kind of an organic natural, no finish on our legs. And we’ve changed the shape from what you’ll typically see out there. We’ve also gone with the large welts. That was another detail that I think is pretty refreshing and new out there in the market. And then we’ve also pushed things a little bit to the edge with hair on hide. We’ve done some incredible selections with a champagne hair on hide that has been really well-received.”

One of Regina’s favorite pieces is the Alfie swivel chair with that champagne hair-on-hide upholstery that accents a tight seat and back with gently sloping arms. “It’s a petite chair but also really comfortable, which sometimes can be a challenge to create. It has a really great seat and the Regina Andrew aesthetic.”

The petite Alfie chair, covered in a champagne hair on hide, swivels.

Another favorite: The Oslo sectional, which taps into consumers’ desire for comfortable, flexible seating. It’s covered in a recycled performance fabric, “which gives it the green story that our customers are asking for,” she says. “They really love it, and the performance is amazing.”

For the High Point Market April 22-26, the company plans to add more upholstery as part of an introduction of dining pieces, Customers will also see new lighting and decor from the design-focused company.

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