Rebel Nature: Christopher Grant Ward on design, history, whimsy and wonderment

Christopher Grant Ward is an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist and naturalist whose work seamlessly blends historic home renovation, bespoke furniture design, and a deep appreciation for nature.

Through his furniture company and design company, Rosemary Home Design, Ward has carved out a unique niche in the world of interior design and restoration, focusing on telling stories through spaces and objects inspired by nature, history, and fantasy.

Room and furnishings by Christopher Grant Ward in the Pasadena Showcase House | Photography by Third Wall Photography

Beyond his visual art and design work, Ward has recently launched a podcast called “Rebel Nature.” This new venture explores the profound connection many of us felt with nature as children and examines why that connection often fades as we enter adulthood. 

Ward’s multifaceted approach – combining visual art, design, restoration, and now audio storytelling – offers a holistic vision for living authentically and in harmony with both our built and natural environments.

His work reminds us of the importance of preserving history, crafting sustainable futures, and maintaining a vital connection to the natural world. Click play on the video below to watch our discussion or read on for more:

Exploring his “Rebel Nature”

On the “Rebel Nature” podcast, Ward shares his personal journey of rediscovering his love for nature and embracing his true self. He explores the societal pressures and expectations that often lead us to abandon our childlike wonder and daily rituals with the natural world.

He offers insights into how nature can rewire our brains and change our perception of everyday things. The podcast serves as a guide for listeners, encouraging them to reconnect with nature and give themselves permission to reclaim that childlike sense of wonder.

A natural through line

This new project aligns perfectly with Ward’s overall philosophy in his design and restoration work. Just as he seeks to uncover and honor the authentic stories of homes and create furniture that reflects personal narratives.

As our society grapples with issues of sustainability and seeks more meaningful connections to our living spaces and the world around us, Christopher Grant Ward’s approach offers a compelling vision.

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In a world often disconnected from nature and overwhelmed by mass production, Ward’s work and message remind us of the value of craftsmanship, history, personal expression, and our innate connection to the natural world.

More about Christopher Grant Ward and “Rebel Nature”

Christopher Grant Ward’s journey with design began just over a decade ago with home flipping, where he honed his skills in construction and renovation. His background as an artist and designer naturally led him to explore the intersection of aesthetics and functionality in home spaces. What sets Ward apart, however, is his fascination with the history and purpose behind architectural elements, particularly in older homes.


He was recently awarded Best of Category, 1st Place at both the Beverly Hills Art Show 2024 and the Redlands Festival of the Arts 2024, highlighting the growing recognition of his unique artistic vision. Experience his work firsthand at the upcoming La Jolla Art & Wine Festival, where he will be exhibiting September 28-29.

To listen to Rebel Nature, go to to find the podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Audible, or Youtube. And for more information on how to work with Christopher Grant Ward, visit his partnerships page here.

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