Moe’s Home Collection unveils line of fair trade vessels

The Chulucanas collection from Moe’s initially features 13 pieces.

Moe’s Home Collection has added a group of handmade, ethically sourced earthenware from Peru to its line. The Chulucanas vases and vessels are influenced by 1,500-year-old methods and are named for a town on the northern coast of Peru near the Ecuadorian border, where artisans are reimaging the traditional pottery techniques of their Pre-Columbian ancestors.


“The interplay of old world traditions, tools and materials enlivens these designs and pays homage to the splendor of ancient forms — each vessel a story of art, craft and ancient skill,” according to the company, a full-line North American furnishings source and retailer based in Vancouver, Washington. “Both visually and texturally appealing, this collection also carries a distinct smoky scent that lingers inside from the kiln fire it is born from.”

Each piece is individually thrown or formed, slip-decorated and then hand-burnished with a particular stone to create a subtle luster. A second firing with mango leaves produces the deep, dark finish that distinguish the vessels.

Each piece is individually thrown or formed using traditional techniques. (Photo credit: Allpa Sac)

The collection and vendor carry the Nest Certificate of Compliance for Small Workshop & Home Production. According to the Nest Organization, “the Nest Seal of Ethical Handcraft show that this business has exhibited strong alignment with Nest’s Code of Conduct and has demonstrated this in its business practices. This includes specific wage settings, record-keeping practices and proper age verification of all workers involved in production. The business has further demonstrated successful systems for educating its subcontractors and workers on their roles and responsibilities in upholding ethical practices, such that everyone in the supply chain is an active and empowered participant.”

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The collection is also recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization as Guaranteed Fair Trade, complying with 10 fair trade principles and confirming that Moe’s is “a mission-led enterprise, putting people and planet first.”

“The launch of these one-of-a-kind ceramics is a testament to the positive impact Moe’s Home Collection strives to have on the lives of its creators and end consumers, bringing expressive design into the home and thereby preserving the history and culture of Chulucanas,” the company said. “With each new collection, the brand continues its pursuit of ethical production in its taste-making designs.”

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