Globally Chic design with Vani Sayeed

IFDA New England Interior Designer of the Year, Vani Sayeed wants “people to enjoy the world in a way they’ve never enjoyed it before” through her designs. This week on Disruptive Design, DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Vani Sayeed. Together they delve into how her background in art shapes her standout spaces for clients around the world and resulted in her new Globally Chic rug collection with Landry & Acari. Press play on the video below to watch their discussion:


Vani Sayeed on collaborating with Landry & Arcari on a rug line

Vani Sayeed’s global inspirations recently led to a product collaboration with rug company Landry & Arcari. After the brand noticed Sayeed’s artwork on Instagram, they proposed translating one of her paintings into a handmade rug design. The resulting collection grew from an initial piece, her reinterpreting the Charles River titled “The Summer Day Walk.”

Sayeed is fearless in fighting for her vision

Sayeed creates spaces that are curated over time through her artistic mix of new pieces, antiques, and globally-inspired elements and she’s unafraid to push back when her vision is challenged.

Sayeed is bold in her approach to guiding clients through the design process. She recalled about a previous project: “…At first, I got some pushback on the initial thought process I had shared with them, but, I explained – from what I understand, you’re not formulaic people who buy everything in two colorways. I want to bring this curated, collected look.” Her courage paid off, but it took a trip abroad to help them see what she saw. The clients returned from their European vacation embracing her intended aesthetic. 

For designers interested in starting their own product lines, Sayeed says: “Don’t be afraid. Do your research, put it together, work hard. But you’re getting a lot of nos.” Confidence in her vision has made her comfortable with rejection. She knows she’s not for everyone.

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That unwavering commitment to a vision is characteristic of an artist, but Sayeed contains multitudes: she still has a custom, interior designer’s soul: whether adjusting colors for rug designs or tweaking prints for individual clients, she isn’t too precious about her art and keeps the client’s wants and needs top of mind.

In addition to interior design work and product design, Sayeed continues creating her own multimedia artworks, paintings, prints, and even jewelry (give the interview a watch for a peek at her recently completed works) – which often find their way into her client’s homes. To learn more about Vani Sayeed and her work, visit her online.

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