Giorgetti: Happy birthday to Pugliatti’s Move chair!

Elegant and sinuous as an étoile, the MOVE rocking chair designed by Rossella Pugliatti for Giorgetti celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2024. A perfect object that has redesigned the concept of comfort through unconventional lines and innovative design.

The result of a long process of research into the mechanics of solid pieces, Move is inspired by the organic forms that wood takes in nature, reinterpreting them through Giorgetti’s tradition of fine cabinet making.

This seat owes its remarkable complexity to an organically shaped and woven double frame, composed of 31 pieces of solid ash wood with ever-changing sections, available in natural, anthracite grey, biscuit and ash grey finishes.

The first frame accommodates the upholstered seat and backrest, while the second supports them both and allows the rocking movement. 

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The lightness of the curved parts and the dynamism give it a unique and unparalleled beauty.Move’s ergonomic seat is perfect for enjoying moments of rest, drinking tea or coffee, immersing in reading a book or listening to music and podcasts, but also for perfect comfort during conversation: the convex-shaped seat and backrest made of compact rigid polyurethane and flexible polyurethane foam support and envelop the body to allow maximum relaxation.

A piece of furniture designed to be experienced every day by incorporating the memories of our lives.An iconic product that, over the last 10 years, has been reinterpreted in many new guises and has toured all continents between special events, openings and trade fairs.Move is still a perfect testimony ofGiorgetti’s style and quality throughout the world

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