Future House Awards winner: Living Vehicle HD30

In the realm of architectural innovation and residential design, one event stands out as the ultimate celebration of cutting-edge projects: the Future House Awards. This prestigious award, hosted by Global Design News and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, aims to recognize and promote groundbreaking design on a global scale. 


Among the remarkable winners at the 2023 Future House Awards, the Living Vehicle HD30 took the crown in the sustainability sector. LV is more than just a dwelling; it’s a commitment to sustainable living. With a focus on eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, and a harmonious relationship with nature, LV embodies the future of sustainable housing. Its recognition in the Future House Awards underlines the global shift towards eco-conscious mobile living.

More about Living Vehicle 2024 HD-PRO

Featuring perpetual power from natural resourses, the HD-PRO is the very definition of Luxury Unplugged. The HD-PRO inspires ultimate freedom from the grid, and offers the most powerful insurance policy, granting fierce independence for autonomous living and travel. 

At 30 feet, the vehicle is akin to a luxury motor yacht on the open sea. The HD-PRO features all the best luxuries and capabilities Living Vehicle® has to offer. Conceived from the desires of customers who call Living Vehicle home, we welcome a new era of the flagship Living Vehicle® model.
Featuring heat and cool capabilities, the combined 24K BTU conditioning power makes exploration to the hottest and coldest climates an off-grid reality, ultra-efficient and completely electric.

From the Mojave Desert sun to the High Sierra snowpack, with the 4-Season package as standard equipment, the HD-PRO has a remarkable ability to travel down to -4°.

Featuring the most solar ever installed on a travel trailer, the Dual Solar Awning is an engineering marvel. A 48” horizontal knife edge aluminum plane extends out to space on each side of the HD-PRO.

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The innovative HD model comes with new and never-before-seen accommodations for the Living Vehicle®. The king bed is truly luxurious and explicitly designed for those who enjoy the most luxurious sleeping space and unmatched for those who place a high value on gear storage. 

Category:Sustainable HousesYear:2023| Location:Iowa, USA | Architects:Matthew Hofmann Architecture | Lead Architect: Matthew Hofmann | Design Team: Scott Sickeler and Tim Keepers | Client: Living Vehicle | Photographer: Matt Weir 

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