Designer Spotlight: Tova Kook of TK Design

This week on Disruptive Design, New York-based artist and interior designer, Tova Kook of TK Design sits down with DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter to reflect on her winding career path and when she finally hit her stride as an interior designer. From children’s art teacher to interior designer, Tova’s insights should inspire young creatives who haven’t found their “thing” yet to keep on going. Click play on the video to watch the discussion:

Your first project is yourself 

After moving to a new school during early childhood, Tova found herself anxious and unable to stay in bed. It was decided that if she spent a certain amount of uninterrupted nights in bed, she could redesign her bedroom however she wanted. It worked. That pivotal moment gave her the agency she needed, creatively, over her domain.

Tova Kook paints a custom piece to hang in a client’s home.

When your network is literally your net worth

Tova’s first real interior design projects came from networking within her inner circle. her earliest and most loyal clients were her friends’ moms.

“I owe it to all my closest friends,” Tova says, noting that enthusiastic referrals from friends and family helped build her early portfolio. 

Make room for passion projects

Throughout her career, Tova made space for her first love – art. Now her paintings hang in nearly all of her clients’ homes. Painting and creating works for clients makes it unique and extra personal, which sets her apart from other designers. In a world of Instagram copy cats, the one thing that can never be replicated are those personal, custom touches.

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Designer Tova Kook of TK Design NYC

For designers just starting out, Tova’s career trajectory serves as a reminder to embrace your creative instincts, approach obstacles with flexibility, and never abandon your core passions. | To learn more about Tova and TK Designs, visit her online.

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