CarbonShack embraces Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts movement, delivering nature-centric, biophilic design to interiors

The Influence of these Movements Reflects an Au Courant Reaction to our Digital World, including AI

Los Angeles, CA (May 2024) CarbonShack, the premier sustainably-focused residential design firm in Los Angeles, continues to lead the biophilic and nature-centric trend in sustainable design by blending its deep connection to Art Nouveau’s fascination with the science of the natural world with the Arts & Crafts Movement’s response to industrialization. Aligning with both eras’ appreciation of artisans to maximize the ideas that nature presented, CarbonShack delivers homes, interiors and products that are beautifully crafted and au courant for today’s conscious consumer.


The embrace of nature, and consciousness of our impacts on it, are now an accepted part of the design discussion–whether discussing processes or final materials. But above all, nature is a never-ending treasure trove of inspiration, which those of the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movements understood. CarbonShack, led by founder Stephen Pallrand, has been working and thinking through this lens for years.

“The Art Nouveau and the Arts & Crafts movements were unique in that they were reactions to the dehumanizing effects of industrialization and its consequential environmental degradation. These movements rejected the machine-made for a return to the touch of the human hand on natural materials, celebrating the individuality of the craftsperson and the inherent beauty of labor itself over the automated,” notes Pallrand. 

“The uniformity of the mass-produced was replaced by drawing inspiration from the organic and asymmetrical forms found in nature. This movement towards the natural can be seen in the architecture of Antoni Gaudi in Catalonia to the America West Coast shingle style of Bernard Maybeck; from the intricate patterned designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Scotland to the wallpaper designs of Bradbury & Bradbury in the United States, and of course, the beautiful wood furniture by Gustav Stickley.”

Organic forms, art, craftsmanship, quality materials, harmony. All these elements helped define the Art Nouveau school of design, which CarbonShack strongly identifies with, while proudly stating “I am Nature. I am WILD.” 

CarbonShack turns that mantra into purpose by taking a biophilic approach—literally, having an emotional attachment to, or love for, the natural world—to its interiors and product design. Pulling from the Art Nouveau movement, CarbonShack emphasizes nature’s beauty by creating unpredictable, sinewy, flowing shapes and floral-like designs from organic forms, rich textures, and the use of new materials (glass, ceramics, iron) in their crafting of furniture, textiles, and accessories. 

Pillows representing kelp and micro blossoms in various colorways are set against a hand- plastered and carved wood backdrop displaying the story of the evolution of chloroplasts.

While both movements rejected industrialization and had similarities in their appreciation of nature and authenticity, the Arts & Craft Movement approach to design, from which Art Nouveau was later born, focused more on traditional forms of craftsmanship such as woodworking and weaving, and the use of natural materials. 

This is reflected in CarbonShack’s regular use of clay (for natural plaster), stone, plant fibers and wood (primarily reclaimed) throughout their design-build and interiors work.

“We truly value what each of these past movements brought to design,” says Pallrand. “At CarbonShack we revel in blending the fun and imaginative forms of Art Nouveau with the beauty and functionality of Arts & Crafts to influence our biophilic approach to design, using as many local artisans as we possibly can.

CarbonShack’s Micro Blossom textile design in Forest colorway represents the spores that created ferns, an ancient plant form dating back to the pre-historic era.

“And…being of the moment in 2024, we argue that there will be an increase of interest in biophilia as we move into the AI era. The homogenization of content that AI creates as it seeks to regurgitate will create an increased desire for the real, the unique, the natural. We believe that biophilic design, which is grounded in the constantly evolving natural world, the genetic recombination that leads to individuality, will be sought after as the antidote to the industrialization of thought and design through the algorithms that drive AI.”

CarbonShack products are made locally or within an environmentally-conscious distance (300-400 miles); they are made by local workers, including individual artisans; and employ manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impacts. 

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As a design firm that explores the seen and unseen natural world through luxurious interiors and singularly unique home furnishings, CarbonShack hopes to inspire homeowners to be stewards of the environment. To do so, they know that beauty, craftsmanship and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

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About CarbonShack

CarbonShack was launched in 2017 to both inspire and help homeowners be stewards of the environment. The CarbonShack team of architects, interior designers and in-house trades design and build shelters that are first and foremost beautiful. From the ground up, the company combines time-honored, nature-focused building strategies with modern technologies and interior products, to create wholly new and revolutionary ways to live sustainably in our built environments. The company is a complimentary companion to owner Stephen Pallrand’s design/build firm, Home Front Build, which restores and remodels an array of unique historic Los Angeles residences.

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