Big plans for High Point Market: Leftbank Art’s new designer collaborations and wallpaper

Leftbank Art, the premier art resource for handmade wall decor, is thrilled to debut several exciting new collections at Spring High Point Market 2024 (April 13 – 17). Marking a significant category expansion, Leftbank Art will introduce its foray into the world of wallcoverings. What’s more, the brand will also debut four new designer collaborations with industry luminaries including Pure Salt Interiors, Nikki Chu, Barclay Butera, and Dawn Sweitzer. From handcrafted masterpieces to dynamic wallcoverings, Leftbank Art (Booth #IH304) invites designers and enthusiasts alike to explore these newest offerings, as they continue to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression and interior design.

DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Leftbank Art creative director, Frankie Daniel to discuss their big plans for High Point Market

Leftbank Art Wallcoverings

Leftbank Art is venturing into a new category – wallcoverings – meant to
bring pops of color and elegant textures to any interior space. The
collection features abstract patterns, interesting colors, and scenic portraits
to suit every room in the home – from bedrooms, bathrooms, and living
spaces, to ceilings and personal gyms. The wide range of styles within the
collection is meant to pair with all design styles and landscapes. Choose
from captivating woodland murals to hang in the dining room or place
abstract drawings behind the bathroom mirror. For a touch of surprise,
wallcoverings can even be used on staircase designs to liven up an unsuspecting area of the home. The patterns are printed on six substrates: Paper, Canvas, Vinyl, Bling, Platinum & Grass Cloth Texture. The collection price point ranges from $16.25 – $40 per square foot.

“Our new wallcoverings collection was created to make a statement and transform the atmosphere of any space in any room,” said Frankie Daniel, Creative Director of Leftbank Art. “As we dive into the wallcoverings category, we are looking forward to empowering designers to be creative in using our high-quality offerings in unique ways and various spaces.”

Designer Collaborations

Leftbank Art is proud to debut four collections with top designers this Spring – Pure Salt Interiors, Nikki Chu, Barclay Butera, and Dawn Sweitzer. These collaborations with acclaimed designers serve as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to supporting the artistic vision of the design community while pushing boundaries in product innovation and quality.

“With each designer collaboration, Leftbank aims to introduce a new distinct style statement that can only be encapsulated by top-tier designers,” said Frankie Daniel, Creative Director of Leftbank Art. “These new introductions build on the success of some of our years-long collaborations and also introduce new voices to the Leftbank family. We’re excited to expand our versatile and ever-evolving portfolio.”

Pure Salt Interiors 

Pure Salt Interiors brings a clean and family-friendly essence to Leftbank Art, that honors materiality and texture. Boasting 51 pieces, this new collection builds off of the first collaboration between the brands that launched in April 2023. The two worked together to evaluate how the collection could grow and become a fresh take on both respective styles. With this outlook, the teams work to expand sizing, adding more smaller pieces and linear sizes.

Art and design by Pure Salt Interiors | Photography by Vanessa Lenten

The handmade techniques used to create the collection add to the materiality focus through frayed linens, deckled edges, and raised inks. The pieces reflect a celebration of texture and terrestrial inspiration from river beds, forest paths, botanical studies, and organic still lives. Each piece lives to serve one’s personal art style. The collection price point ranges from $222.50 – $1,197.50.

Leftbank Art will be hosting a launch party to celebrate the unveiling of Pure Salt for Leftbank Art on Sunday, April 14th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at its showroom in the IHFC building, Booth# IH304, Hamilton, Floor 3.

Nikki Chu for Leftbank Art

The Nikki Chu for Leftbank Art collection is a stunning array of 22 art
pieces, each reflecting the designer’s visions for the home. Nikki’s unique
and daring approach to design makes the pieces stand out amongst others.
With collaboration from the artists at Leftbank, her mission to bring
captivating pieces into the homes of all style types was achieved with
sophistication and expression.

The art transports you into another world with its whimsical brushstrokes and captivating artistry. She created her own unique style of collectible African Stamps, featuring bold, abstract shapes so that each piece represents a journey of love and adventure. Through the use of giclée print on artist paper, the pieces are pure elegance. Frame selections come in antique gold leaf, antique silver beaded, muted gold, matte black and gold beaded, gold, white and gold, silver, and black. Frame and print types vary per piece. The collection price point ranges from $347.50 – $1,147.50.

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Leftbank Art will be hosting a cocktail reception with Nikki Chu to toast to her new collection on Saturday, April 13 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at its showroom in the IHFC building, Booth# IH304, Hamilton, Floor 3.

Barclay Butera for Leftbank Art

The Barclay Butera for Leftbank Art collection showcases nautical inspiration with a nod to the natural landscape from their home state of California. Using both giclée print and hand-painted canvassing, Barclay and Leftbank reveal a 25-piece array that is influenced by the California coast. The terrestrial coloring in blues and greens coupled with artistic strokes makes the pieces fit right into natural spaces. The collection price point ranges from $323 – $1,148.

Dreamworld II by Barclay Butera for Leftbank Art | Photography by Manolo Langis

Dawn Sweitzer for Leftbank Art

Dawn Sweitzer for Leftbank Art is made up of 17 neutral, yet moving, pieces that mix her distinctive and abstract styling with Leftbank Art’s freedom of collaboration. With series prints that are ideal for pairing or standalone large pieces, Dawn’s designs reflect simplicity in movement. The collection price point ranges from $548 – $1,448.

All designer collaborations and collections listed above will be on display at the Leftbank Art showroom in the IHFC building, Booth# IH304, Hamilton, Floor 3. For more information, visit

About Leftbank Art

Since 1971, Leftbank Art has been crafting handmade wall decor in the home decor and hospitality industries. Our team of talented artists creates and innovates unique, one-of-a-kind artworks full of energy, creativity, and diversity. With a focus on quality, we offer a variety of styles and substrates, even three-dimensional, lighted, and multi-media creations—perfect storytelling pieces for any interior design. We believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to providing exceptional customer care through every step of the process. Our breadth of collections and designs offers something for every style and décor – from a single statement piece to the perfect finishing touch in a room. Learn more at

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