Award-winning interior designer lands prestigious art exhibit at the first ever Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition.

Modesto, CA (June 12, 2023) – Award-winning interior designer, Stephanie Poulsen, at Wendy Glaister Interiors, has been selected as one of 70 featured artists for the first-ever Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition, celebrating emerging artists in the Stanislaus County community.
Artist and interior designer, Stephanie Poulsen shared, “Being accepted into the Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition is a dream come true! I am truly honored to be part of this inaugural event and to be selected to share some of my work. This is an incredible opportunity that our community worked to create as a leading art exhibit and will highlight so many talented artists and their exemplary work.” 


The Central California Art Association (CCAA) at Mistlin Gallery’s Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition will open on Tuesday, June 13th through Saturday, July 15, 2023. 
CCAA & Mistlin Gallery commented, “Our Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition event will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and celebrate the artists on display. We encourage the community, friends, and families to join us at our inaugural event and to witness these incredible artists’ exquisite work.”

Wendy Glaister Interiors

This Emerging Artist Show will feature new and emerging artists including all mediums: painting, sculpture, photography, and more, with the goal to serve as a platform for artists to showcase their unique perspectives with an open-ended theme that encourages creativity and originality. 

Stephanie further shared how excited she is to be “returning to her roots” as her fine art is featured within the permanent collection at her alma mater, Chico State. She also credits her co-worker Wendy Glaister for their team-building art classes, which is part of their firm’s professional development activities, and was where she found her own “artistic style”. Several of Stephanie’s fine art pieces were created during these monthly art classes and will be featured during the Salon’s inaugural emerging artist exhibition.

Wendy Glaister, owner and principal, of Wendy Glaister Interiors shared, “Stephanie is such a blessing to work alongside every day, and I am so excited that she is being recognized in our industry for the beautiful work she’s putting out into the world: both as a professional interior designer and as a fine artist. Two years of working together is coming up on July 1, and time has whizzed by. Makes the statement “time flies when you’re having fun” so true!”

Wendy Glaister Interiors was recently awarded Best of Houzz, Best Bathroom, and features a stunning update to a local couple’s ranch-style Manteca home. Their firm shared that Wendy Glaister and Stephanie Poulsen and builder Dean Adkins were hired to reimagine the layout and relocate a closet to enlarge the master bathroom. The result is a modern and stylish update to their 1980s home that features timeless blue & white hues with classic chrome finishes, while the remodel focused on implementing innovative aging-in-place design techniques.

blue and white modern bathroom

About Wendy Glaister Interiors 

Founded by Wendy Glaister in 2006, Wendy Glaister Interiors is built on the philosophy “We believe in partnership” and that design projects should be as exciting as they are inspirational. “To say that we are blessed to do what we do is an understatement. So many opportunities exist to make a special place for you and for your family. We come alongside you, offering the organization, expertise, technical knowledge, and designer’s aesthetic that will make pulling your project together fun, not frustrating.”Recently named California’s Most Attentive Full-Service Designer by Lux Life Magazine 2023, as well as receiving several Best of Houzz awards for Service and Design, and Best Bathroom in 2023. Their firm has also been awarded several ASID ANDYZ Awards for Best Commercial Space 2022 & Luxury Residential Bath 2020. To see more of their work visit their Design Portfolio.

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About CCAA at Mistlin Gallery Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition, is inspired by the Parisian Salon des Refusé, which gave a voice to unknown artists and is produced by The Stanislaus Arts Council, part of the CCAA and supports, promotes, and advocates for artists and creative endeavors of all forms to provide essential cultural opportunities for the community in Stanislaus County. Follow them on Facebook and online:

Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition1015 J Street Modesto, CA, 95354Art Walk Thursday, June 15th from 5-8 pm & Saturday, July 15, 2023, from 4:00 PM  to 7:25 PM

Full list of accepted artwork & artists for the 2023 Salon des Refusés – Emerging Artist Exhibition:
“Meditation on the Spirit of Fire” by Tatiana Aguilera”Pareidolia of dreams” by Tatiana Aguilera”Lovely Red Betta” by Taneshia Bobo”Miss Universe” by Karen Bohbot”Blue but not Blue” by Traci Bookman-Walton”It’s Love” by Traci Bookman-Walton”Big Baller” by Traci Bookman-Walton”The Time Traveler” by Gavin Bruce”Living Tradition” by Gavin Bruce”Estanislao (Cucunuchi)” by Gavin Bruce”The Pipeline” by Gavin Bruce”Parking Lot Musician” by Gavin Bruce”Magical Theater” by Ivana Carvellida”Listen to your Heart” by Basil Collier”Sunflower” by Basil Collier”Dan, Dan the Cowboy Man” by Basil Collier”The Madonna” by Kirk Cruz”Kayak” by Roger Dial”Lost Horizon” by Roger Dial”Kemchawiisu Mask” by Roger Dial”Shawl Dancer” by Allison Epperson”Hawaiian Rain” by Allison Epperson”Home is Wherever I am With You” by Liliana Figueroa”Beacon” by Bibiana Garcia”Happiness, Movement, Fun” by Genevieve Gonzales”4 Women Who Surround Me: Vian” by Valeria Gonzalez”4 Women Who Surround Me: Martiza” by Valeria Gonzalez”Serene Migration” by Alina Holtsman”Matilda” by Teri Jameson-Borba”Lost” by Teri Jameson-Borba”Mist” by Teri Jameson-Borba”Golden” by Teri Jameson-Borba”Stargazer Collecting Receipts” by Dominique Johnson”Vous Les Yeux D’avril” by Dominique Johnson”Rendering Space” by Dominique Johnson”Through the Dense Foliage of Life Her Imagination Blooms” by Dominique Johnson”Kaleidoscope” by Dominique Johnson”Untitled #574 & Untitled A” by Lisa Lewis”Untitled #620 & Untitled 359″ by Lisa Lewis”Untitled #1313 & Untitled 316″ by Lisa Lewis”Untitled B & Untitled D” by Lisa Lewis”Green Splatter Bottle” by Dita Lewis-Panter”Openingby Dita Lewis-Panter”Face Reader” by Warren Lloyd”The Fighter” by Warren Lloyd”Circumstance” by Warren Lloyd”The Boy’s Best Friend” by Warren Lloyd”Darth Vader” by Jeremy Lowe”Frangible” by Anne McCaughey”Still I Rise” by Anne McCaughey”Red Raku” by Anne McCaughey”Figurative Nude #1″ by Catherine McLean”Nude #2″ by Catherine McLean”The Despair” by Bryana Moore”The Renewal” by Bryana Moore”A Peak Before Time” by Bradley Peterson”Sea Cliff Love” by Stephanie Poulsen”Introvert at a Party” by Kaitlin Rackley”I love you?” by Kaitlin Rackley”Treat?” by Kaitlin Rackley”Reflections” by Claudine Kyla Ramos”My Mister” by Linda Richards”Connection” by Gurkanwar Singh”Separation” by Gurkanwar Singh”Notes” by Gurkanwar Singh”Comfortable” by David Thurmon”Last Part of the Forest” by Melissa Wright”Deep Sea Squid” by Grace Young”Cephalopoda” by Grace Young”Mysteries Triangle Seeker” by Manuel Zaragoza

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