A few of Rick Lovegrove’s favorite things

With his recent promotion to president of upholstery for Four Hands, Rick Lovegrove’s day-to-day responsibilities have shifted. Lovegrove, who has been with the company since 2014, has stepped away from some key account, customer and sales duties to focus on manufacturing, supply chain and strategic direction.

And Lovegrove, who was once responsible for all upholstery design during his early days with the Austin-based home furnishings company, is again making more time for design.

“My team tells me they know when I get excited about a concept or a piece of leather because I’ll walk around with that piece of leather in my hand,” he says. “They’ll say, ‘We know you have something in your brain right now. Bring it out.’ My team has been super supportive in allowing me a bit of (design) playtime.”


Decor News Now asked Lovegrove to choose a few of his favorite pieces from Four Hands’ upholstery line. His picks:

Binx is a swivel chair dressed in Italian leather with deep curves and plush channeling that cradles the body like a baseball glove cradles a ball.

The Downey accent chair features bold circular cutouts on the sides of the wood frame. “I love that one,” Lovegrove says.

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Santos is a generously scaled two-piece sofa sectional with, Lovegrove says, “plush sinking backs and a cool tufting detail on the seat.”

New from Lovegrove himself is the Bernadette sofa chair with soft curves and dramatic channeling. “I’m hoping that does well,” he said. “It was my first foray back into the game in a while.”

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