SKIN by Scarlet Splendour redefines luxury décor across any surface

A perfect combination between traditional Indian craftmanship and contemporary taste, SKIN go beyond imagination, translating moodboards into eclectic panels for walls, partitions, cabinets, bars, headboards, tables, doors and much more.

Kolkata, 15th May 2024 – Scarlet Splendour, the Kolkata-based luxury design brand boasting interior products which are both opulent and exuberant, has put the surface design to the next level with SKIN, the signature art panels creating rich, dramatic vibe for contemporary interiors.

Using ancient Indian crafts or their notions in the contemporary context, Scarlet Splendour creates surfaces beyond compare that can be used as the “skin” for any kind of wall, partition or furniture, including cabinets, bars, headboards, tables and much more.

The company’s founders, siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, wanted to proudly showcase the fine craft and manufacturing capabilities of their country and give the craftsmen due recognition, taking it to global design platforms. Each piece of the SKIN panels is made in India, by local craftsmen using locally and globally sourced materials and pigments.

SKINS are proposed with diKerent patterns, using a wide range of material’s combinations: marquetry in straw from Europe, resin and brass, only resin, semi-precious stones, metal, brass, copper. Natural but controlled oxidation processes creates patterns and textures on brass, copper, steel, aluminum.

custom SKIN panel in resin (wall)


India’s handicrafts are as multifarious as its cultures, and as rich as its history. The origins of bone and horn marquetry date back to ancient civilizations from the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and East Asia. It became particularly prominent and refined during the Mughal period, especially under the reign of Emperor Akbar, where it reached new heights of artistic expression. Artisans from the Northern region of Sarai Tarin, to Bengal in the East, and Trivandrum in the South, have imbibed the ancient technique from Himalayan tribes, and have made their own mark along the way. The intricately crafted combs, vases, toys, and other objets d’art have long been a connoisseur’s delight, and a means of livelihood for millions.

The founders of Scarlet Splendour were captivated by the exquisite bone marquetry and decided to make a contemporary version of the playfully geometric designs, by using modern materials like resin, pearl dust, pigments, brass and copper. They then developed a proprietary resin compound which would replicate ivory inlay, ultimately smoothened and lacquered to have no visible or tactile end. The aim was to combine Indian workmanship and Western aesthetic in such a way that each piece appears timeless, and with multiple roots. In the unique decorative imprints one would recognize Indian styles, and also unexpected drifts to Italian design.


SKIN AL2M in aluminium (left wall and bathroom cabinet); SKIN B3M in brass (front wall); SKIN C4M in natural copper (right pink wall)

Scarlet Splendour’s intricate and contemporary metal marquetry is a tribute to the heritage of Indian metal craftsmanship. The founding duo were determined to revive the dying heritage crafts of India, while simultaneously refocusing the global eyeballs to the intimacy of what Indian artisanship renders. This led to premium quality metals such as brass, copper, aluminium and steel being the highlight of Scarlet Splendour’s creations, using natural but controlled oxidation processes to create patterns and textures on metal.

The special feature of SKIN metal panels is their flexibility for individual projects, may it be the patterns, finishes, colours and malleability. Together with an almost endless choice of surface designs and colours as well as individual formats, assembly techniques and curves, there are no limits to the imagination here. Each piece is built using the metal morphing technique from ancient India, whilst infusing the elements of chic world design into it. Sometimes believing is seeing, accentuating the illusions of the mind’s eye.


SKIN Dreamform I in brass and straw (on Skyland bar)

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Straw marquetry, a craft that may have Oriental origins famously developed in France using rye harvest. A century old technique, the material allows a silky touch, infinite reflections and has the privilege of being natural and abundant. It oMers immense possibilities to allow innovation and requires years of mastering. The adept Indian artisans took little time to master this craft and all its techniques, and we now have SKIN in amazing colours and patterns of straw marquetry.

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About Scarlet Splendour

Cofounded by siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, luxury design brand Scarlet Splendour boasts interior products which are both opulent and exuberant. Collaborating with several highly-reputed international designers sharing similar sensibilities and unique vision, Scarlet Splendour offers an eclectic range of furniture, lighting and accessories that reflect a rich font of inspiration from all eras. Growing up immersed in a rich multi- cultural environment and being encouraged by their mother to study art and artisanry, Bajoria and Kanodia naturally sharpened their aesthetic eye through a love for collecting beautiful objects, painting, and decorating. Ashish Bajoria began his career in business by successfully running his family engineering company for three decades. Suman Kanodia worked as an interior designer for more than two decades. Kanodia designs beautiful residential and commercial spaces all over India.

Drawing inspiration from their enriched backgrounds, Scarlet Splendour heralds a blend of cultures and transcends geographical borders to achieve the extraordinary in the world of design. The brand works closely with internationally acclaimed designers including Matteo Cibic, Marcantonio, Nika Zupanc and Richard Hutten, often merging Global and Indian traditions. Most recently, Scarlet Splendour collaborated with prominent designers Karim Rashid, Sacha Walckhoff and Richard Yasmine among others to showcase collections that have now been coined “Functional Art”. For more information, visit:

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