Mercury Mosaics elevates subway tile with a geometric edge 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – January 29, 2024 Mercury Mosaics, the premiere maker of bespoke, handcrafted ceramic tiles, known for its fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, is thrilled to introduce its latest tile creation: the Rise pattern. This innovative design takes the familiar geometry of the classic subway tile and elevates it, introducing an edge that’s both contemporary, timeless and aesthetically brilliant. 


Drawing inspiration from a blend of harmonious asymmetry and a restless sense of order, Rise isn’t just another tile pattern. It’s a heartfelt invitation to experience geometry with soul and emotion. Rooted in classic angles, this pattern offers an innovative take that’s bound to captivate and inspire. 

“Our entrepreneurial spirit is deeply ingrained in the Rise pattern,” says Mercury Mosaics Founder, Mercedes Austin. “It embodies our ‘Never Give Up’ mindset and is a testament to creation, ambition, and the pursuit of excellence. Every space it graces silently urges its inhabitants: Rise.” 

Mercury Mosaics believes that color is an expression, setting the tone of a space. The Rise pattern, with its hand-painted hues, offers a palette ranging from lively to serene with its four house blends – Blush & Ivy, Onyx, Denim, and Pumpkin Spice. For the adventurous artist at heart, the makers also offer its ‘Blends by You’ program, allowing for full color customization. 

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True to the Mercury Mosaics promise, each Rise tile comes to life at the company’s Minneapolis headquarters, lovingly hand-cut, hand-glazed, and fired to a perfect sheen. Every tile has its unique journey, being handled with care by at least nine artisans before it graces a space. Beyond craftsmanship, sustainability is at the heart of their operation, from locally-sourced materials to eco-friendly packing solutions. Explore and get a quote for the Rise pattern on the Mercury Mosaics website, making any next design project truly stand out.

About Mercury Mosaics 

Mercury Mosaics is the premiere maker of bespoke, handcrafted ceramic tiles, where the beauty of art and tile precision coalesce. Offering a diverse portfolio of hand-cut and hand-glazed products, the team of artisans demonstrate a steadfast commitment to creating unique, beautiful offerings while prioritizing environmental sustainability. With an array of ready-to-ship classics and blends, as well as the ability to undertake custom projects, Mercury Mosaics has positioned itself as a trusted partner in the realm of architecture and design. For more information, visit

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