‘Manual Labor of Love’ what one furniture brand founder wishes she knew before opening her High Point showroom

Odette Furniture has quickly made a name for itself at High Point Market as a must-see destination showcasing a unique blend of antique, art, and modern furniture designs. In an exclusive interview with Design News Now, Founder Laura Vogtle discusses the inspiration behind starting the company, how her background informs Odette’s creative direction, and the keys to building a successful showroom presence at the market. Vogtle also shares advice for emerging furniture brands and insights into Odette’s collaborative partnerships and dedication to customer experience.

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette

DNN: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind founding Odette Furniture – I’ve always been curious about where the name comes from. 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: The inspiration behind Odette Furniture Company begins with a passion for family, fun and a love of design. Throw in comfort, fashion, nostalgia… and voila! — we have Odette! The name Odette comes from my grandmother’s dear friend and hair stylist. Odette would travel to see my grandmother in the countryside along with her box of styling-tools! Her job involved making something beautiful, which is what we strive to do here at Odette Furniture Company. 

DNN: Odette mixes a lot of antiques and art into the merchandising and collections, which I have to imagine stems from your background in art dealership. Talk to me about that – How did your background inform the foundation of Odette, both creatively and operationally? 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: Odette is a lifestyle–mixing old and new. We love the use of antiques in design and of course art is the icing on the cake! I have always had a passion for art and antiques. It would be hard for me to imagine Odette or interior design in general without a blend of the two! 

DNN: Odette is still fairly new to High Point Market and yet your showroom has become a must-see destination on many designers’ itineraries. What do you attribute that to? 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: We think our showroom is a must-see! We love setting up the showroom with beautiful art, rugs, and antiques. When we display these goodies with our fabulous, upholstered pieces, it really creates something special! 

DNN: For an emerging furniture brand who is thinking about opening up a showroom at market, what advice would you give them? What is something you wish you knew when you first opened the showroom that you know now? 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: I think that I underestimated what a “manual labor of love” our large showroom would be. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I can’t ignore the manpower that goes into setting up for each show. 

DNN: With Odette Furniture being a family-owned business, how has this dynamic influenced the company’s operations and customer service philosophy?

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Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: Having family around is amazing. It certainly makes it fun to travel and everyone in the company is invested. We feel like the non-family members on the team are truly a part of our family! Everyone on our team understands the Odette Culture and strives to make Odette the best it can be. I am so appreciative of all their hard work! 

DNN: You mentioned special collaborations with LillieKat Rugs and Design Supply Gallery. What do you look for in a potential collaborator and what do these collaborations contribute to Odette’s offerings? 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: We love a good collaboration! The rugs bring the room together. LillieKat does an amazing job providing a great selection of antique and vintage rugs. We are delighted to partner with LillieKat in High Point! As for Design Supply, the art always steals the show! We love collaborating with the artist and featuring their talented works. The Odette Culture is all about making something beautiful and these collaborations certainly do that! 

DNN: Lastly, how do designers keep up with you and with Odette? 

Laura Vogtle, Founder Odette: We would love for any designers to sign up to receive our email newsletter. Our website is odettefurniture.com. Also, our Instagram is full of great posts— follow us @odette.furniture. And of course… When in High Point, please come visit us at 100 N. Centennial! We would be thrilled to meet you!

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