M is for modern masterpiece: Becky Weber on Hooker Furnishing’s departure from tradition

Modern as an aesthetic and as a lifestyle is trending up. Hooker Furnishings wanted to get in on that movement. Coinciding with the opening of their new showroom at High Point, they premiered their new, modern, M Furniture collection, under the creative direction of design maven Becky Weber, alongside VP of product development Ansley Brown and principal designer Charlie Zagaroli.


Press play on the video below to watch Becky Weber in conversation with DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter.

Meet Becky Weber

Becky Weber worked at Crate & Barrel for 30 years before branching out on her own, then was tapped to join Hooker Furnishings two years ago as Executive Director to develop their M Furniture collection. She’s inspired by her travels – the sensory overload of India, in particular – and by the moody lighting in restaurant design. When she was training young buyers she taught them to set their personal taste aside. Getting to know the buyer and their preferences is the most important thing. In developing M, though, she didn’t have to take her own advice. It was easy for her, as her personal taste leans modern. She knows this buyer extremely well.

The Arbor wing back chair and Ren transitional track arm sofa
The Arbor wing back chair and Ren transitional track arm sofa

M is not your grandma’s Hooker Furnishings

The M consumer appreciates materials, shapes and quality, heirloom pieces that are made to last. They like clean lines and open floor plans and take pride in their home. They love to entertain, but they are not showy, flashy, or fussy. Mixing and interchanging pieces, putting their own personality and spin on things, is a must. In M, you’ll find casegoods made of natural solid woods, like mahogany, with travertine or marble tops. Domestic upholstery is covered in mohairs and velvets, and soft boucles from Belgium.

While M is an aesthetic departure for Hooker, it still maintains the brand’s integrity

Hooker is a 100-year-old, extremely designer-friendly company. They take pride in the sustainability of their pieces, the well-being of their employees, and in the relationships between their reps and designers. Information on their lines can be found here.

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More about M, Hooker Furnishings, and their corporate responsibility agreement

As part of their commitment to giving back to the planet, for every piece of M Furniture purchased, a tree will be planted in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Also, as part of their ongoing commitment to reduce their environmental impact, promote equity inside and outside the organization, and support the communities in which its employees live and work, Hooker Furnishings has released its third annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.

The 55-page document outlines the company’s progress toward advancing its many Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives including several key areas of focus: climate and energy, diversity, equity and inclusion, health and safety and corporate citizenship. With an enhanced focus on KPIs, the report takes a deeper look at the company’s current state, identifies areas of improvement as well as outlines key goals for 2024 and beyond.
More information on Hooker Furnishings’ 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be found here.

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