Little Greene presents ‘Sweet Treats’ a capsule collection of nine delectable colors 

April 18 2024 sees the launch of Little Greene’s ‘Sweet Treats’, a curated collection of warm, neutral  shades of honey, caramel and chocolate, each color inspired by delicious desserts and some of the worlds most tasteful sweet treats. Playful, mouth-watering names including ‘Madeleine’, ‘Galette’,  ‘Affogato’, ‘Muscovado’ and ‘Ganache’ bring these enticing colors to life.  


This palette of nine versatile colors will bring warmth and comfort, creating cozy enveloping  interiors that appeal to all the senses. The range includes time-honored shades, accurately  recreated from walls, woodwork and furnishings, at a number of historic properties across England,  Wales and Northern Ireland.  

Perfect for use in ‘all-over’ schemes in both contemporary or traditional settings, these delightful  neutral hues work really well in a color drenched room. Juxtapose them with deeper browns and  blacks to create a captivating, sophisticated interior. Soft, warmer whites will elegantly complement  all these shades to maintain a more traditional feel, and they will equally support an accent of a  brighter, contrasting highlight for a more dynamic look.  

Alongside the wonderfully rich Little Greene favorite ‘Chocolate Colour’, tempting new shades  include sophisticated golds such as ‘Madeleine’ and ‘Bombolone’, on trend caramels ‘Galette’ and  ‘Affogato’, soft muted pinks ‘Split Pink’ and ‘Mochi’, the terracotta-toned indulgent ‘Muscovado’  and rich chocolate ‘Ganache’.  Each shade is available in the full range of Little Greene finishes; there’s one that’s suitable for  almost every surface inside or outside your home.  

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director, comments, “Earthy shades, particularly browns have  historically been used for their practicality, and are often dismissed as being dated or dull.  However, rich warm colors based on umber and ochre deliver cocooning, restful and charming  spaces. Deeper, richer caramels are perfect for creating enticing and sumptuous spaces, whilst soft  golds provide comfort and reflect the desire to create warmth within our homes. 

We have had a lot of fun developing this capsule collection. The ‘Sweet Treats’ palette aims to  challenge the perception that browns are outdated and unusable, providing delicious hues that  bring elegance and sophistication to any interior. If these tasty tones aren’t enough to indulge your  senses, we have created a series of tempting recipes celebrating each color too.” 

About Little Greene 

With a small factory in the foothills of Snowdonia and a Head Office based in Manchester, Little Greene is an independent, family-run  business and the only manufacturer still producing a complete range of traditional and modern decorative paints for all areas of the  home.  

Little Greene’s environmentally-friendly, child safe, water-based and oil-based paints are available in finishes for walls, ceilings, floors  and even exteriors. They are designed to complement an unrivalled collection of authentic archive wallpaper designs, adapted and  re-colored for the contemporary interior.  

Little Greene’s water-based paints contain zero added VOCs, so don’t contribute to atmospheric pollution. But VOCs are not the total  picture in talking about a ‘green’ paint. Little Greene also maintains its low carbon footprint by manufacturing at their own factory  in Snowdonia and through the fact that the paint’s excellent coverage means a room can be painted in significantly fewer coats, the  knock-on effect of which is fewer tins to be delivered and reduced transport pollution.  

Little Greene’s complex and profound color formulations are created using traditional and contemporary pigments. The company’s  paints contain 40% more pigment than many ordinary paints, which results in unequalled depth of color and undertones that subtly  change in different lights, providing real character.  

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Little Greene’s beautiful finishes are designed to last. Thanks to carefully chosen ingredients, the paints are easy to apply and boast  better coverage than any other. The excellent coverage of the paints means fewer precious raw materials are required and their  longevity means repainting is a less frequent task.  

Paints are routinely tested to international performance specifications, namely BS EN 13300. By ensuring the highest performance to  this standard, Little Greene ensures that product performance is not compromised but remains environmentally friendly.  Little Greene produces one of the most environmentally-friendly ranges of finishes for every application, ethically manufactured in the  UK, with no compromise on quality or performance. The water-based paints far exceed all legislation on VOCs and the oil-based  paints have been formulated to use naturally-occurring vegetable oils.  

Little Greene’s packaging, including the metal cans, contains over 50% of recycled materials and can be recycled again upon  disposal.  

The pigments used in the paints and to print the wallpapers are completely non-toxic and sourced inside the EU thereby ensuring they  have both environmental certification and are free from any chance to be associated with slavery or child labor.  All Little Greene wallpapers are printed using water-based inks and the paper used comes from FSC or PEFC certificated sustainable  forests so, for every tree used, another four are planted.  

Little Greene wallpapers are produced in the UK using ‘paste-the-wall’ technology making them both hard-wearing and easy to  apply. All wallcovering products comply with the European Product Standard EN 15102:2007+A1:2011.  The company has committed to a dedicated program of recycling and uses sustainably-sourced packaging & paperwork for its  administration and distribution.  

There is Greene-thinking at all operational levels, including a continual waste reduction program, increased recycling and ongoing  work to minimize the impact of emissions & transportation.

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