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Renowned interior designer Jennifer Farrell is an established television personality, but her two worlds: design and television rarely overlap. The audience, at least on the design television shows she’s hosted in the past, like Home Made Simple with Laila Ali, are often DIY’ers looking for designer hacks they can try on their own. By contrast, rates for her design services are comparable to attorney’s fees – “good attorneys,” she notes with a wink. The clients hiring her for design services are expecting a luxury, turnkey experience. So why do television as an interior designer? Why is there such competition in the home renovation television space if it doesn’t translate to design clients? 

This week DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sat down with Jennifer Farrell to discuss design television, charging your worth, creating showhouses with a singular vision, and how Farrell is reimagining the showroom experience with her collaborations at Louisville Tile. Click play on the video to watch the discussion or read on for more highlights.

Jennifer Farrall’s showhouses have always been ahead of the curve

They say the way you do one thing is the way you do everything– There is a trend with Jennifer Farrell: She stays ahead of the curve and deviates from the norm. And she thinks of herself, above all else, as a storyteller. The way she imagines a showhouse is different from the traditional showcase home in which a roster of interior designers each design a different room and are responsible for securing vendor partners for their designated space. What Farrell does instead is take over an entire property, as the sole designer, so the property (most recently Calibu Vineyard) has one cohesive vision. It tells one united story, with the vendor sponsors’ product running throughout the home (plus, it includes a working grenache vineyard. Yum!)  Take a tour of the home here:

These projects take two years to execute and are fully immersive in person and online shoppable experiences. Technology plays a huge role in her showhomes’ success, enabling her to simultaneously reach a wider audience online for her sponsors and create more exclusivity with the in-person tours. She generates buzz before the opening of the showcase home with fully digital renderings of the home you can tour online. Along with the opening and plenty of social media, her showhomes also include virtual shoppable tours and plenty of television press. 

On reimagining the showroom model with Louisville Tile

When Louisville Tile approached Jennifer Farrell with the idea of collaborating on tile lines, she knew she had to pitch something unique that was in alignment with their shared vision of “livable luxury.” Her first line, to be unveiled at the International Surface Event 2024, is inspired by the Modern Montauk theme at Calibu Vineyard. 

One of the things that made Ferrell excited about partnering with Louisville Tile in particular was how aggressively they were adopting new technology to transform the showroom experience. (For the time being, the details are still under wraps, though we’ll undoubtedly hear more at the International Surface Event 2024) The goal is to evolve their showroom into a holistic concierge experience that will help interior designers sell their clients tile and look like cutting edge pros while they do it. 

More about Jennifer Farrell

Jennifer Farrell, a renowned celebrity designer and television host, has captivated audiences with her shows and designs for over two decades. She gained national recognition as the host of the long-running series Find & Design and currently hosts popular shows like Million Dollar House Hunters, Find Me a Beach House, and Most Amazing Homes.

Recognized as a Design Visionary in 2020 by The International Surface Event, Jennifer has also been honored as Best of Design by Interiors California. Her exceptional show homes have been featured on prestigious tours like the Dwell on Design Home Tour and the Venice Garden & Home Tour. She also served as the celebrity designer for the Dwell on Design Method Home. Jennifer plays a prominent role on the Advisory Council for The International Surface Event and proudly opened her Calibu Vineyard show home in collaboration with TISE.

As the founder of the award-winning interior design firm Jennifer Farrell Designs, her work has been widely showcased in numerous publications, including Luxe Magazine, Interiors California, Dwell, Mountain Living, Redbook, Ebony, Entertainment Weekly, House & Garden, Ventura Blvd., FCW, and Sunset.

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One of her most successful ventures is The Jennifer Farrell Collection, which boasts an extensive range of furniture and décor available at nearly 1400 stores across the nation. Jennifer also represents as a spokesperson and serves as a Brand Advocate for ForeverLawn.

With an illustrious career as a television host and designer, Jennifer has appeared in numerous popular shows, such as Home Made Simple, Find Me a Vacation Home, Behind the Gates, Holiday Dream Home, Home & Family, Fox & Friends Weekend, Merge, Renovate My Family, and My Celebrity Home.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Jennifer has showcased her writing talent through a real estate column “Get This Look” for Her expertise has led to guest appearances on major talk shows like The View and The Real, as well as numerous other shows across the country.

As a nationally recognized design expert and spokesperson, Jennifer has forged partnerships with luxury brands and is a sought-after speaker at building industry and trade shows nationwide.

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