Is it okay if the art matches the sofa?

MaryLinda Moss, founder of Source Art, is on a mission to forge powerful collaborations between art consultants and designers. Her approach not only enhances high-end projects but also expands into design showrooms, offering a comprehensive solution for integrating fine art into sophisticated spaces.

Commission for a client by artist Michael Müller, Synchronspringen (Kastor und Polydeukes)

This week on Disruptive Design, Moss sits down with DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter and reveals how luxury interior designers can transform their projects through expert art consultation. Discover the secrets to seamlessly integrating fine art into high-end interiors and learn about Source Art’s innovative approach to designer collaborations. Click play on the video below to watch the discussion or read on for the highlights:


Key topics covered:

  • How art consultants work with interior designers
  • Navigating client preferences and differing tastes
  • The art of “matching the sofa” without compromising quality
  • Creating timeless art collections for design projects
  • Source Art’s tech-savvy platform for art curation
  • Expanding into design showroom partnerships
  • Cost-effective art consultation for designers and clients

The art of “matching the sofa”

Contrary to art world taboos, Moss embraces the idea of “matching the sofa.” Her approach transcends mere color coordination. “What we’re looking for is something that looks like the room was built around the art, that also elevates the design,” Moss says. “The reason why designers don’t mind bringing an art consultant [on]to their projects is because they know we are inspired by their vision.”

Installed artwork by Elisabeth Neel, coffee table by artist Stefan Bishop in a Malibu Residence Designed by Forte Design Group

A tech-savvy approach to art curation

The Source Art process is thorough and tech-savvy. After an initial consultation, Moss’s team creates a comprehensive art plan, including wall measurements, design references, and potential artwork types for each space. Then, they curate tailored collections, presenting them through an innovative online platform that allows for seamless collaboration between consultants, designers, and clients.

Club Room designed by AD 100 designer Adam Hunter Inc, Artwork by Frank Bowling

Expanding into showroom partnerships

Expanding beyond individual projects, Source Art has ventured into partnerships with design showrooms, like Michael Cleary. This extension of services allows showrooms to showcase how art can transform their vignettes, providing designers with instant inspiration and access to curated pieces that complement their product lines.

Installing artwork by Laddie John Dill

Creating timeless collections

Source Art aims to create collections that appear thoughtfully curated over time, even when projects demand quick furnishing. “We want it to look like it’s something that they’ve built over 15 or 20 years,” she says. This approach involves sourcing diverse works, adding depth and interest to designs while providing designers access to a global network of artists and galleries.

Studio shot of commissioned painting by Tyler Guinn 

Cost-effective art consultation

An advantage for designers collaborating with Source Art is the cost structure. Source Art’s services are predominantly covered by commissions from galleries and artists, which is shared with the designer. “We work the system to allow for people to have access and the support of the process… without having to pay over gallery pricing,” Moss explains. This model democratizes access to fine art while ensuring artists’ work reaches a broader audience.

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Installed art by Claudia Meyer in Napa Residence master bathroom, design by Shawback Design

Expanding creative possibilities

The collaboration between designers and art consultants like Moss expands creative possibilities and enhances project offerings. Designers can focus on their core expertise while leveraging specialized knowledge in the art world. There are vast resources available through working with Source Art: hundred of galleries and thousands of artists that many designers would not otherwise have access to.

Installed art by Vicky Barrenguet and Charles Arnoldi, interior design by Shawback Design

Bridging art and design

For luxury interior designers, collaboration with an art curation service like Source Art offers a pathway to exceptional spaces. As Moss puts it, “Artists are out there making incredible work, pouring their heart and soul into their work, and often they’re not that good at getting the work out there.” By bridging the gap between artists, galleries, and designers, Moss ensures that remarkable art finds its way into beautifully designed interiors.

MaryLinda with her rockstar Source Art team

The partnership between art consultants and interior designers, as exemplified by Source Art’s approach, is redefining luxury interiors. Seamlessly blending aesthetics, artistry, and functionality, their collaborations create spaces that not only look stunning but also resonate deeply with clients, telling their unique stories through carefully curated art collections. | Learn more about how you can work with Source Art by visiting them here.

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