Introducing Finite: Redefining Nordic rugs with bold design + timeless tradition

Finarte, a beacon of design excellence, captivated New York’s design scene with the unveiling of its eye-catching rug collections at the Finnish Consul’s Residence during the NYCxDesign Festival, New York’s acclaimed design week.

Bold design, timeless tradition: Finarte redefines rugs as interior masterpieces

For almost 40 years, Finarte has been paving the way for rich and bold design. The Finnish design brand and family business sees boldness not only in their designs, but also in how people look at rugs as an interior item. 

Originally founded in 1985, the leading house for Finnish design rugs started with the rich and tradition-inspired rug art of co-founder Eija Rasinmäki, who just recently was awarded the highest medal of recognition for culture in Finland. To date, designer collaborations by Finarte have given birth to contemporary classics by some of the most sought-after designers in Finland. Larissa Immonen, the second-generation CEO, has steered the company for the last eight years, boldly reinventing Finarte together with new designers and head designer Marianne Huotari


Since its start in the 1980s, Finarte’s collection is still based on the three pillars that have kept the company going for almost 40 years: making by hand from sustainable materials, responsible production in India, and joyful, unlimited creativity that can be seen in Finarte’s bold designs throughout the years.

“Rugs are more just an interior item; they are a centerpiece of the room. There’s more bravery and willingness to experiment – people are more ready to choose what makes them joyful. This is exactly what we want to enable with our design,” Larissa Immonen (CEO) tells excitedly. “To New York we wanted to bring the essence of Finarte, stylish and colorfully designed rugs and home accessories that also reflect the quality of craftsmanship and different textures.” 

Designs showcased in New York 

Baden, designed by Finarte’s lead designer Marianne Huotari, is part of Finarte’s latest collection Elemental. The pattern of the rug is inspired by colorful tiles of spas, referring also to the design name Baden (bathing). In particular, the material rhythms of Japanese onsen spas have made an indelible impression on the designer where wood, tatami and ceramics are harmoniously combined together. Its color and harmonious rhythm make the pattern an approachable and guaranteed source of joy in one’s home.

Designed also by Marianne Huotari, the Suovilla design captures the serene beauty of Finland’s untamed wilderness.

Soft, long-pile wool invites you to indulge in moments of blissful repose, while the rug’s design, inspired by the ethereal cotton grass that blankets Lapland’s bogs, transports you to the serene depths of nature’s embrace. Available in earthy tones and natural hues, Suovilla rugs bring a sense of tranquility and warmth to any living space, creating a harmonious connection with the natural world. With its luxurious texture and evocative design, the classic Suovilla (cottongrass) design offers a retreat from the chaos of modern life, inviting you to reconnect with the beauty of the natural environment.

Akaatti, a masterpiece by the award-winning designer duo Juslin Maunula, draws inspiration from the visionary work of color theorist Josef Albers and the architectural genius of Carlo Scarpa. Made from luxurious wool, Akaatti has a beautiful tufted, hand-cut texture that creates an interesting surface for the graphic rug. With its timeless design and superior craftsmanship, Akaatti rugs serve as statement pieces that enhance the aesthetics of contemporary interiors.

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About the designers


Marianne Huotari (Finnish, b. 1986) lives and works in Helsinki. Huotari crafts delicate ceramic wall tapestries and glazed stoneware sculptures using a reimagined version of the traditional Finnish textile technique ryijy. Ryijy translates to thick cloth, and refers to a method of loom weaving tapestries, often depicting geometric shapes or florals in colors traditionally sourced from plant dyes. Through a care intensive process of craftsmanship, Huotari sculpts hundreds of oblong ceramic beads and petals by hand, before sewing them onto a metal frame with wire. The beads layer and bubble at will, similar to the woven knots in ryijy. Her color palette mimics that of the original woolen fibers: creams and light greens alongside glowing pinks and blues populate her tapestries and free-standing sculptures. The presence of nature and whimsy is a mainstay, whether referentially in titles such as Garden Plot, 2020, or representationally in the shape of small adorning flowers.

Last year, Huotari was shortlisted for the Loewe Craft Prize. One of 30 finalists, her work was on display at the Seoul Museum of Craft Arts for the month of July, 2022. Huotari is also a member of the Arabia Art Department Society. Her work has been shown widely in Finland, as well as Japan and the United States, like the HB381 contemporary art gallery in New York. Her latest work, Väre, was made in collaboration with the Finnish National Museum. Huotari serves as the Lead Designer for Finarte.


Juslin Maunula is a Helsinki based design studio and brand founded by Fashion Designer Laura Juslin and Architect Lilli Maunula. Their shared vision, open minded attitude and experimental way of working is the fuel that drives them. Together they create products, installations, concepts and experiences, imagining a universe of intriguing, imperfect beauty. In 2022, Juslin Maunula launched a lifestyle product line created out of discarded textile of random color, style and amount. All Juslin Maunula products are produced in limited series.

Having achieved recognition in Finland internationally, Juslin Maunula was awarded Finnish Young Designer of the Year 2022 and was chosen among world’s top 6 emerging design studios of 2023 by D la Repubblica Magazine as well as longlisted among top 20 emerging design studios of 2022 by DEZEEN. The studio has designed products, spaces, and collections for both domestic and international clients. Examples of their corporate clients include Marimekko, Artek, Kalevala Koru, Hakola and Finarte.

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