Interior designer Summer Jensen launches paints

Interior designer Summer Jensen is launching a collection of textured paint colors as part of her collaboration with JH Wall Paints, which specializes in natural lime and mineral paints.

Summer Jensen’s new paint hues are part of JH Wall Paints’ JH Designer Collection.

The paints are part of the JH Designer Collection, which also includes four custom paint colors from Nao Santos, founder of Nainoa Architecture & Interiors. His neutral hues are Nainoa 500, Nainoa 501, Nainoa 502 and Nainoa 503.

Jensen’s custom colors (H&CO 510, H&CO 511 and H&CO 512) are soft neutrals that reflect her design aesthetic and love of nature, in particular the great outdoors of Southern California.

“I tend to use natural materials like stone, wood and plaster in my palettes, so I look for a paint that also is natural,” says Jensen, chief executive officer and principal of design firm Hawk & Co.

Jensen’s design aesthetic includes contrasting light and shadow, attention to detail and a deference to the natural environment, where “Mother Nature is the greatest artist.”

Each of the custom colors can be ordered in Velvet Wall Paint or Lime Wall Paint. The Lime Wall Paint, designed to mimic lime plaster, can be layered and will have a chalky bloom on the surface — an almost “ethereal softness,” Jensen says.

Jensen kept undertones in mind when creating the colors. “I look for purity of color and overall, how well the colors correlate to each other,” she says. “If I can go to a paint deck and know that the paints work well next to each other, it takes the guessing game out of color matching.”

Jensen, who earned acclaim when focused on hospitality and commercial design, including Juicy Couture flagship stores, founded Hawk & Co. in 2009. Based in Santa Monica, California, the firm specializes in high-profile residential design projects.

JH Wall Paints, based in San Juan Capistrano, California, is family-owned and -operated by husband-and-wife team Jeremy and Michele Harnish. It manufactures its paints in the United States using natural earth mineral pigments.

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