Slow design meets luxury retail: an interview with Boutures d’Objects

Fresh off their show in Milan, DNN sat down with Tosca d’Angelo, business developer at French-based Boutures d’Objects. The French company rose to prominence in recent years for their collaborations with luxury brands like Diptyque and La Petit Madeline, and for their philosophy on sustainable, slow design. 

To watch our full interview with Boutures d’Objects, click play on the video below:

Five Takeaways from our interview with Boutures d’Objects

  • There are still some areas where using forever materials (which don’t break down) is still the reigning solution for certain products. As Tosca demonstrated in our interview, the Boutures oyster shell vase requires an industrial-grade glue to prevent water leakage, which will not biodegrade. Still, the glue they use is discarded from construction sites. 
  • Until they find a better solution, they don’t have plans to use more industrial-grade glue. Instead, their upcoming productions involve using organic materials like avocado, coffee, and flax. (Like with their new flax coffee table, which premiered this past Milan Design Week and is a finalist in the European talent incubator, the WORTH project.)
  • Sourcing sustainably extends beyond materials. In addition to experimenting with sustainable materials like mushrooms and fish scale textiles, they source as much as they possibly can from other French companies, cutting down on carbon emissions produced in transit even more.
  • Small stock is key for sustainable sustainability. Each of their products have extremely limited runs. The lighting they produce in batches of 10-15 at a time.
  • Organic Retail Partnerships: The ideal fit for a Bouture collaboration is with a luxury brand who wants to make a statement by partnering with Bouture d’Objects . They trust their sustainable, disruptive approach, while knowing Bouture will help them maintain their own strong brand identity. 

About Boutures:

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In 2019, Boutures d’Objects was founded by Laurence Saugé, who’s background in packaging development and passion for disruptive design and sustainability provided the bedrock for her latest venture. Boutures’ commitment to sustainability is prominent in everything they do, from the materials used and locations they are sourced from, and how their products biodegrade.

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