Holiday homes, florals and Fairfield Chair: Christopher Todd is the king of versatility

illustration of a living room

Is it too early to think about Christmas decorations? For Christopher Todd, it’s a year-round business.

Hailing from the heart of Arkansas, Christopher Todd dabbled in various facets of design throughout his high school and college days, exploring everything from crafting floral arrangements to fashioning tailor-made window coverings and, of course, discovering his passion for holiday decor design. In 1999 Christopher opened his flower shop in Arkansas which he ran until 2005. But he had bigger plans: He packed his bags and headed west to Las Vegas, where he joined forces with MGM Resorts, designing special events. Today he has a booming interior design firm and decor retail store in Henderson, NV and was crowned this year’s winner of Fairfield Chair’s 3rd Annual Virtual Design Challenge. Click play on the video below to watch DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter in conversation with Christopher Todd. The conversation covers:

  • Good vs. bad furniture reps
  • Running a design firm and a retail store
  • Client happiness and working on tight timelines
  • Loving the convenience of Wayfair,, and amazon
  • Bringing modern Vegas hospitality to the otherwise traditional Fairfield chair

Christopher Todd’s retail space in Henderson, NV

In 2010 he opened his retail store and interior design studio, Christopher Todd – a treasure trove brimming with elegant home embellishments and exquisite gifts. (It’s worth a trip off the strip to Henderson next time you are in town for Las Vegas Market) He’s hailed as a maestro in the craft, particularly renowned for his artistry in holiday decoration and design. His flair for holiday embellishments has graced the interiors of opulent residences, luxury hotels, and high-end retail spaces across the United States and remains a core part of his business today. 

Christopher Todd combines hospitality and home

But Christopher’s skills extend far beyond the realm of festive holiday party decoration. He’s the go-to designer for crafting unforgettable moments, whether it’s through lavish private parties, fairy-tale weddings, or prestigious events like the Academy Awards and luxury car launches. And it’s that sensibility he brings to his interiors as well and to Fairfield Chair’s Third Annual Virtual Design Challenge. 

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illustration of a living room
See Christopher Todd’s “Ultralounge” go from sketch to showroom space in Fairfield this Fall at High Point Market

Fairfield Chair named Christopher Todd the winner of its third annual Virtual Design Challenge. This year’s contest theme focused on hospitality design, tasking participants with conceptualizing a communal space. They asked seven designers from around the country to create a virtual room scene featuring Fairfield furniture in the dimensions of Fairfield’s High Point Showroom. Winner, Christopher Todd will actualize his vision and exhibit it within Fairfield’s High Point Market Showroom come October 2023. Additionally, Todd will be awarded a $5,000 Fairfield credit for securing the first-place position. Learn more about the competition here.

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