Gat Creek adds AR tools to help shoppers better visualize its wood furniture

In response to consumers’ growing desire to be able to customize products and visualize furniture in their homes when browsing and shopping online, case goods specialist Gat Creek now provides 3D configurable models, augmented reality and virtual photography for every product in its made-to-order assortment of wood furniture.

Online shoppers can see how the Sabin chest and all other Gat Creek products look with different finishes and hardware and then place a 3D image of the piece in their room.

“We manufacture nearly every product to order in the customer’s choice of maple, cherry, ash, walnut and two types of painted finishes. In order to unlock all the possible combinations for our customer, we have to show them,” says Gat Caperton, chief executive officer of the company, which has headquarters in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


Gat Creek has integrated easy-to-use visualization tools from Threekit into its website, enabling a more immersive experience in which customers can explore the company’s full range of products, materials and finishes, hardware selections and product size options.

With product visualization as part of the consumer shopping experience — along with room setting photography, product drawings, complete product dimension data and pricing — shoppers can thoroughly research and experience product selections at home and in their local retail store, the company says.

Gat Creek’s online reservation system and order fulfillment through local retail partners assures shoppers that their purchase will include all the benefits of shopping through a trusted local retailer, according to a news release.

“Our partners are competing with national retail chains at the upper end,” says David Petersen, vice president of marketing and sales for Gat Creek. “As a key resource for many of our retailers, we are excited to provide this highly engaging online shopping experience that identifies prospects who are highly qualified and ready to buy.”

Since the introduction of the company’s online reservation system in October 2018, Gat Creek retail partners have been introduced to thousands of customers and fulfilled hundreds of orders supported by the Gat Creek website, live chat and other online consumer services activities, the company says.

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