Designers’ favorites from ICFF New York

Designers have spoken: these are the highlights from ICFF New York, 2024

Last week ICFF (The International Contemporary Furniture Fair ) in New York brought together contemporary design brands from all over the world, to present a broad range of furnishing products to an audience of 10,000 designers, retailers, distributors, & developers. Keeping with the fair’s emphasis on original, sustainable design, we asked designers in attendance to share their favorite vendors, specific products, trends or other takeaways from the show. Here is what they had to say: 


Amanda Friend, Delaware-based interior designer and ASID PA East Chapter

Crofts & Assinder

It’s the kind of hardware that is so beautiful that it draws you over to it and makes you reach out to touch it.  Then there is the dilemma of trying to decide which design you like the best.  The Stirling collection is specifically described as being subtle yet undeniably ostentatious, adding a touch of class to any interior.  I would agree emphatically.  

Crofts & Assinder Stirling Collection with backplates in Brushed Satin Brass.

The design of this one was influenced by the patterning of stalactite formations.  Due to this connection with nature, I found myself preferring this one the most, with Sandringham being a close second. 

There are matching backplates for all of the collections which make the hardware even more luxurious and elegant along with 10 bespoke finishes with names like Caramel Bronze and Patinated Brass.  

Uniquely British, Crofts & Assinder has specialized in the design and manufacture of extraordinary cabinet hardware and luxury fittings for 149 years.  As if all of this is not reason enough to choose Crofts & Assinder as my top favorite, any company that states they “endeavour to make the ordinary extraordinary” deserves to be at the top of the list. 

Graff Fixtures

One might say that I am a bit biased with my favoritism for my 2nd choice.  This is because Graff Fixtures was the main reason I attended this show.  Back in January, I was among just a few designers asked by Graff to visit their manufacturing facility in Poland. 

And if their beautiful products hadn’t already won me over, the trip to their manufacturing facility sealed the deal.  It was nothing short of exceptional – they produce every single part and piece of their fixtures right there.  

This way they can be certain that every detail is the highest quality and each component is hand assembled.  Graff also goes above and beyond in the finishes department offering a stunning 28 finishes with names like Rose Gold, Onyx, and Olive Bronze (spoiler alert, they look just as fabulous as they sound).  

The most impressive part is not just the wide array of options but the ability to utilize advanced technologies to control the performance of the finish, with processes such as galvanic, plating, powder coating and PVD. 

 If you haven’t already gone to their website to learn more, please do so now.  The beeline that I made to their booth at ICFF was well worth it.  The selection of fixtures, faucets and finishes was eye candy. 

I am currently dreaming about the Segovia kitchen faucet in the polished gold PVD finish with Matte black accents.  Graff covers every style from traditional to modern. 

The Ametis Ring shower system meets all the expectations of the modern design aesthetic complete with 6 LED color variations within the rain shower head.  And for one of the most magical bathroom fixtures you will ever see, Luna for the win.

Ngala Trading

Being a designer for 25 years and seeing thousands upon thousands of new products every year, few stick in your brain the way the offerings from Ngala do.  I saw their booth from afar and it quickly became my destination, the items there insisted that I come closer to investigate their exquisiteness.  

An enormous circular mirror hung on the wall and I could not figure out what it was made of.  It looked spiky yet soft, rugged yet glamorous, rustic yet elegant.  Mystified, I asked about it and was told it was handmade from layers upon layers of embossed leather shaped like thin pieces of leaves to create a bold dimension of what looked like snake scales.  Then it was painted with a pearlescent paint for a formal effect.  

I peeled my eyes away from this glorious mirror so that I could study the fantastic chair next to me.  A rounded back barrel shaped chair, with long leather fringe hanging from the top and cascading to the floor. 

As I ran my fingers through the luxurious fringe, a voice said “sit in it, it swivels!”  It swivels too!, I thought. Ok I just found the perfect chair right here from Ngala Trading.  

They also had sconces (3 feet tall!) and chandeliers made from these mega-long pieces of fringed leather that would make a statement in any room. 

Ngala is one of my top favorite choices from ICFF because their products are so outstanding that I find myself dreaming about them and when I can use them, sure to never be forgotten.  

Hamilton Sinkler 

Hamilton Sinkler manufacturers of Architectural Hardware for the discerning client, produces striking and innovative designs. I cannot even begin to tell you how much joy that statement brings me.  This is because as a designer, details mean everything. 

There are far too many unappealing, plain, mediocre, and often ugly options for hardware.  So when a company like Hamilton Sinkler exists, you count your lucky stars and hope they stay around forever!  

With the coolest, and I mean coolest, door hardware I have ever seen, this spot was definitely one of my favorites.  Not only are there extensive and beautiful collections of hardware for cabinets and doors, but they also produce customized work.  For me, it was the door hardware that truly stole my heart. 

The size of a person’s arm, the door hardware from Hamilton Sinkler demands that you pay proper attention to it.  And when you do, you will not be disappointed – from the exacting details to the luscious finishes. 

My favorite door pull is Five Points Sculpted from the Metropolitan Collection in natural brass.  These geometric pulls are cast in brass in a faceted-like design and are simply stunning.  To my knowledge, there is nothing else like it.


The Grohe booth takes my #5 slot on my favorites list.  This is because they exceeded the expectation of the booth and made a fully interactive experience called The Water Studio.  It was a brilliant approach to advertising their new kitchen faucet product called Blue Chilled & Sparkling 2.0 Water System which gives you Chilled still water, Medium and Sparkling water all from one kitchen faucet.  

The booth proved to be popular since the line to participate was long, but everyone waited happily and was rewarded with not only their choice of water to drink right there one the spot but also with a blue metal thermal water bottle.  

The faucet is sleek in design, rotates 150 degrees, has a pull-out spout and offers filtered or unfiltered tap water.  An LED panel will illuminate to indicate which setting you are selecting and the cooling temperature can be adjusted between 43-50 degrees F.  Now all you need to decide is how you will like your water….sparkling for me please.  

Andrea Brodfuehrer; interior designer, New York

Wendy Morrison 

Responsibly made, Wendy Morrison’s artisan handcrafted rugs are a super fresh adaptation of oriental art and exoticism. The confection colored designs are a delightful reminder of how decorative arts not only enlighten the human spirit but inspire adventure and poetry.

I’m breathlessly waiting for an extroverted, nouveau-mystic, client who appreciates the romance and specificity of this art and is willing to splatter one of Wendy Morrison’s cornucopias designs on their floor with me.


I’m happy to overthrow my own frenetic instinct to hunt and gather across land and sea for the perfect mix of lighting; and instead, stay awhile with UK-based Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton of Lights&Lamps. Their website claims Lights&Lamps is the “new go-to-brand for stylish lighting solutions” and “the brand to watch.”

Both are bold statements but with their exquisitely curated collection and wide range in styles and materials, I’m inclined to agree. Dare I say our jobs as Designers just got a lot easier with the launch of Lights&Lamps US platform?!

JEVA Design Studio 

Initially drawn to JEVA Studio’s booth by the beautifully colored plaster samples, my attention was quickly taken by the sunny disposition of Director of Sales Monica Barnwell and her enthusiasm for the Brooklyn-based company’s polymer infused cementitious plaster.

A unique offering, JEVA Studio’s SET plaster is both durable and flexible with minimal care requirements — making it an assorted design tool with endless application opportunities, including wet areas.

Jackie Kazarian 

Anyone else feel a strong sense of inferiority and awe while standing in front of Jackie Kazarian’s large-scale wallpaper installation? Well, let me introduce you to the woman and the artist and you’ll be absolutely quashed. Jackie received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Armenian Behavioral Science Association; she is a fellow of the Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the Study of Women & Gender in the Arts & Media at Columbia College Chicago and has served two tours as an art envoy for the U.S. State Department, working in Kuwait and Syria.

Voyage Wallpaper (detail), 2008, archival pigment print on photo rag paper, dimension variable by Jackie Kazarian

Her artwork is in private and public collections, including the Illinois State Museum, Rockford Art Museum, Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, Chicago Public Library. 

Pause for effect because this woman deserves every accolade. AND we should all take a moment to thank her for making her highly evocative large-format artwork more accessible to the design community — as made-to-measure wall covering — for use in residential and commercial spaces. It’s an incredibly generous gift of her talents.

Briana Devoe 

Although this is Briana Devoe White’s debut exhibition at ICFF featuring her new Briana Devoe textile and wallpaper collection: Hues of High Desert, the product and all of its charm suggests she’s already been round the rodeo. 

Hillside Flowers – Moss Wallpaper by Briana Defoe

In fact she’s been doing this for some time. Briana’s education, experience and accolades give the brand equitable pedigree and polish and this year’s inaugural collection — artfully depicting dessert life in muted tones — is wonderfully reminiscent and versatile without pretense. 

I feel safe in stating Briana Devoe is the one to watch and soon to be a household name among Designers and consumers alike. 

Antonio DeLoatch; interior designer, New York

“…The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at the Javits Center in NYC, [sic] was an exceptional showcase of the latest in luxury interior design trends. This year’s event highlighted a strong emphasis on sustainability, with designers presenting innovative eco-friendly materials. The prevalence of bold, organic forms and the resurgence of artisanal craftsmanship were particularly noteworthy. From exquisite textiles and cutting-edge lighting to bespoke furniture that balances functionality with aesthetic appeal, ICFF 2024 truly celebrated the artistry and sophistication of contemporary design. It was an inspiring glimpse into the future of luxury interiors, marked by creativity and elegance. I am excited to incorporate these new discoveries into our current and future design projects, enhancing the beauty and uniqueness of our clients’ spaces.” – Antonio DeLoatch

Bernhardt Designs

I knew this year’s show was going to be amazing when I was greeted by the collaboration with Leroy Boateng a mens wear designer and architect Daniel Germani for Bernhardt Designs.

See Also

The energy of the collection felt Sleek, modern, and masculine . This is a perfect example of how the lines between high fashion and luxury interiors are being blurred to perfection. 


 Luxurious statement pieces that feel like a work of art. 


The fortune chair is an immediate attention grabber! I love a statement chair and good color pop in a room and the fortune chair does both!

Heller Fortune Chair


Plastic free and handcrafted in Brooklyn . Their product had interest, texture and shape, what’s not to love!

Emone Babka Side Table

Thomas Cooper Studio

Every piece felt elevated and luxurious. For me the star of the show was the lighting and Thomas Cooper, a new brand for us, was definitely one that impressed me the most. 

Verdon Pendant by Thomas Cooper Studio

Sangare Studio

A star in the launch pad was this modern beauty. Its clean lines and sophisticated color pop caught my eye and made think of how it would shine against the lights of NYC. 

Sangare Studio Phoenix Chair

Daughter Manufacturing

The Empire Lamp inspired by drafting blue prints felt like a well designed machine. If an image could have sound it would be the click of the on off switch. 

Antonio Deloach’s honorary mentions: Studio Darmes & Tala 

Deana Lenz; interior designer, New York

“ICFF was an experience to remember and [I] had many takeaways. The booths had everything from minimalist designs to innovative statements that told stories of exceptional craftsmanship. Every booth had different narratives giving an artisan touch all around. [My favorite selections] offer a variety that was showcased at the ICFF. From handcrafted to handwoven to amazing lighting design it achieved maximum creativity.” – Deana Lenz

Ian Love Design’s Spring 2024 Collection
Aqueous Wallpaper in Black Gold by Emma Hayes
Olivya Stone dining chair
Ethnicraft’s Elements Collection
ICFF Lounge by Moooi

Kate Lester; interior designer, Los Angeles 

Merenda Wallpaper

Snake motifs always get me, and this was no exception. These bright and bold wallcoverings are unique, interesting, and a bit outside of the box. (Which I love!)

Snake Party 2.0 is an expansion of Merenda’s most popular pattern, Snake Party.

Great for a powder room or a space where you need to make a statement, many of the designs come in different color ways and also different eco-friendly substrate options like embossed, textured, or a vinyl grasscloth. Good design that is also good for the planet- say no more, I’m in.

(Learn more about Merenda wallpaper designer, Sarah Merenda here.)


Ethically made Homewares, textiles and wallcoverings from upstate NY. The fun geometric pattern wall coverings got me in, but I stayed for the ethically made fabrics by the yard, and the catalog full of ready-made homewares like bedcovers, pillows and throws.

Minna x LikeMindedObjects furniture collaboration

Not only do I love their ethos, but I love the casual luxury vibe the brand exudes. They will be a staple for us for our projects going forward for sure!


Fluting is having a moment, and Lacava is not letting it pass us by! Their booth showcased the trend with their new “Flutti” collection which displayed the motif in free-standing soaking tubs, solid-surface column pedestal sinks, vanities and mirrors.

They also found a creative way to integrate the same fluting detail into their Newterra Vessel sinks, which are made of concrete, come in custom colors, and literally stopped me in my tracks. As someone who is a bit tired of the fluting detail in millwork- this seems like a great way to incorporate a textural element into a space that feels really elevated.   

Sawyer Made

They just do not make them like George Sawyer and his family anymore. George inherited his father’s love of woodworking, and crafting fine furniture by hand, and creates incredible bench made pieces inspired by the classics like the Windsor chair… but in a new way.

Wayward Bench by Sawyer Made | photo by Oliver Parini

Everything is made-to-order in Vermont, and the process is all about how using traditional tools and techniques will actually create sustainability and durability for their customers they just can’t get elsewhere. George is cool, and the products are incredible. Think classic designs with modern lines and this is it.

TREND ALERT: @ Graff/Emtek/Brizo

Remember when matte black was everywhere? Well, this year I feel like it was matte white, and when I say everywhere- I mean everywhere! I saw this finish trend popping up at Graff on plumbing fixtures where it could be customized with marble detailing on handles and levers, at Emtek where it is a staple in their new door and hardware finish line, and at Brizo- where it was shown mixed with stainless steel in a new option for kitchen faucets and water dispensers.

Jason Wu for Brizio | Matte White Trend

I had a ton of questions for each of these vendors regarding durability and maintenance- but the general consensus was that it’s just as durable as a matte black finish as most use a powder coating technique to the auto industry. In the meantime, I am still on the fence if it’s quirky and fun or giving strong Miami Vice 80’s vibes. I guess everything does come back around.

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