Design moves pretty fast – Salgado Saucier stops to look around so they won’t miss it

Design is more accessible than ever. We live in a time when a product launch overseas can be experienced in the US the next day. How is this impacting and influencing the makers and manufacturers behind the products? That was the central theme of this week’s episode of Disruptive Design with Salgado Saucier. DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sat down with Salgado Saucier founders, Peter Salgado and Kip Saucier to discuss their transition from interior designers to product designers. The conversation also covers: the pros and cons of tech and social media on design, and where they seek out inspiration and when they choose to ignore their influences to create truly original product. Click play on the video below to watch the discussion:

Salgado Saucier products we are loving

Salgado Saucier, renowned for their meticulous attention to materiality, intertwines a sophisticated fusion of shagreen, leathers, mixed metals, and warm woods to craft their exquisite pieces. They alluring lighting and furniture work well in both classically elegant interiors as well as the edgy, modern and experimental. Below are a selection of pieces from their collections, past and present:

About Salgado Saucier

Established in 1997, Salgado Saucier’s design ethos exudes an eclectic blend of inspirations. Peter Salgado’s journey into design commenced as a fashion designer in Florence, Italy. Graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, he cultivated his skills in Milan and Florence while working with the esteemed luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo. His tenure there alongside master artisans honed his keen eye for detail and the artistry of luxury goods. Returning to the United States, Peter contributed his talents to various high-end fashion houses in New York City before establishing his own venture in interior and product design.

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Kip Saucier embarked on his career as a visual merchandiser in Houston before transitioning to Los Angeles, where he showcased his expertise at the renowned Beverly Hills specialty store, Bonwit Teller & Co. Responsible for the visual aesthetics of the store’s interior and window displays, Kip also ventured into designing an array of display mannequins. His journey led him to New York City, where he assumed the role of head of Women’s Visual Merchandising at Bloomingdale’s. Collaborating with Peter, Kip combined forces to establish the renowned design powerhouse of Salgado-Saucier.

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