Beyond beige bouclé: How Russell Sutter stands out in a sea of mass-produced products

With 2024 pulling maximalism into focus, we predict it is going to be Russell Sutter’s year. In this week’s episode of Disruptive Design, DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Catherine Schmetter and Joseph Palmer, the visionary founders of Russell Sutter to discuss how they prioritize standing out in a sea of mass-produced products. Together they delve into sourcing inspiration from fashion and dance, and bridging the gap between fine art and everyday design, their commitment to domestic manufacturing and the ways in which technology is challenging traditional retail models. Click play on the video below to watch the discussion:


Beyond the Pale by Russell Sutter

Even in their latest collection, “Beyond the Pale,” which is more subdued than their previous lines of decor, lighting and textiles is infused with their signature electric design sensibility.

About Russell Sutter

Russell Sutter is the brainchild of Catherine Schmetter and Joseph Palmer, a visionary duo who first crossed paths on the dance floor over 20 years ago, where they bonded over their shared passion for lindy hop and swing. Recognizing their mutual love for timeless design, they combined Catherine’s successful career in the apparel industry with Joseph’s expertise in engineering and spatial relationships. This collaboration led to the creation of a bespoke lifestyle brand that fuses fine art with everyday design.

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Driven by a philosophy to beautify the world responsibly and enduringly, Russell Sutter curates collections of home decor pieces and apparel by highlighting unique combinations of luxurious fabrics and lucite. Each product is meticulously hand-cut and assembled domestically by local artisans under Catherine and Joseph’s supervision. Russell Sutter places great emphasis on working closely with local craftsmen, nurturing collaborations that infuse each creation with a distinct touch of artistry.

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