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Design Business Blueprint: Sustainability and Earth Day

With Earth Day occurring near the end of the month, I find April to be a great time to renew our commitment to creating beautiful spaces that also foster sustainability. In this edition of Design Business Blueprint, we’re addressing the topic of sustainability and how interior designers and professionals in the home furnishings industry can pave the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Design Business Blueprint: product development 101

Greetings, interior designers and creative minds! Welcome to the March edition of Design Business Blueprint,…

Design Business Blueprint: mastering client management

One of the most common mistakes a designer can make is the failure to manage expectations. Once you’ve detailed the outline of the project, timeline, and budget, conduct a realistic assessment of what can be achieved within the given constraints. Be honest about potential challenges and limitations.

Design Business Blueprint: a designer’s most precious commodity, time

Staying ahead of the curve allows you to adapt to industry changes without compromising the quality of your work.

Design Business Blueprint: burning bright instead of burning out

While the excitement of taking on every design job that comes your way can be hard to quell, discernment is key. Saying “no” isn’t a rejection of the opportunity, it’s a strategic decision to maintain balance in your busy schedule and life.

Design Business Blueprint: a well-crafted brand can help your interior design business grow

For an industry that often blurs the lines between personal passion and professional service, a strong brand can help differentiate you.

Design Business Blueprint: networking your way to success

Networking. In our dynamic interior design and home furnishings industry, staying connected and engaged is an essential key to thriving. Let’s explore why networking is so crucial, how to do it effectively, and where you can find valuable opportunities, including the upcoming, highly anticipated High Point Market.

Design Business Blueprint with Yudi Kaufman

Welcome to “Design Business Blueprint” – the monthly column that will reshape the way you envision the future of your interior design business. In these turbulent times, where the design industry landscape can change overnight and uncertainty looms, the need to focus on business strategy and growth has never been more pressing. Let’s delve into why business development is paramount for designers and creatives, regardless of the current industry trends or global circumstances.