Art Meets Innovation: TRAME Unveils Martin Grasser’s Customizable Mirrors at ICFF

(New York, April 2024) – TRAME ( —a dynamic and pioneering studio at the intersection of art, design, technology, and craft, presents Martin Grasser’s ‘Portraits’ at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) running from May 19 to May 21.

Grasser’s collection, ‘Portraits’, is an innovative Venetian mirrored glass collection that revolutionizes interior design by seamlessly integrating traditional craftsmanship with generative algorithms. At ICFF, Portraits will offer an artistic expression of a traditional medium in a fresh light, transforming them into dynamic pieces of art that engage viewers in a dialogue between text, form, color, and reflection. Each mirror in the collection is inspired by a name, word, or phrase, that is then translated into a unique arrangement of colors and shapes through code.

Martin Grasser’s artwork, part of TRAME’s Craft Nouveau collection, serves as a conduit of emotion and personal narrative, encouraging attendees to take time to explore the different layers of meaning embedded within each work. At the event, Grasser will invite attendees to be a part of the co-creative process by allowing them to explore and interact with the algorithm to create a personalized mirror.

Attendees will also be able to design and order their very own custom mirror, enabling them to bring a unique piece of artwork with personal significance into their home.

“Our goal is to invite everyone into the process of creating generative art and design, and to spark curiosity about the techniques we use,” said Martin Grasser. “We hope participants will leave with a deeper appreciation for the beauty of our colored mirrors and how they have been created through text.”

This interactive experience showcases TRAME’s Generative Interiors concept, redefining traditional notions of interior spaces and offering a glimpse into the future of personalized design. The TRAME team and Grasser are excited to bring this project to the design world where each mirror tells a unique story, inviting attendees to experience firsthand how TRAME is changing the design space.

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‘Portraits’ will be located in ICFF’s new Bespoke section that spotlights brands that craft one-of-a kind works, celebrating the artistry inherent in handmade furnishings. Adjacent to ‘Portraits’ TRAME, in collaboration with Art Blocks Engine (, will showcase pieces from their other handcrafted collections: stained glass sculptures, woven tapestries, and woven furniture by artists Jeff Davis, Alexis André, and Aranda\Lasch.

“We are excited to collaborate with Martin Grasser to bring his collection to the forefront of our ‘Generative Interiors’ concept,” said Ismail Tazi, founder of TRAME. “Grasser’s innovative use of Venetian mirrored glass aligns perfectly with our vision of dynamic and personalized interior spaces. We believe his work will inspire individuals to rethink the possibilities of interior design.”

About Trame

TRAME is a dynamic and pioneering gallery to discover and collect limited-edition design pieces and artworks with digital provenance. We believe in the power of collaboration, bringing together a diverse community of contemporary voices, including artists, designers, architects, and collectors. Guided by thoughtful curation, TRAME charts a course toward a future that honors tradition and embraces innovation. Follow along at and on Instagram @trameparis. For media inquiries, interviews, and more details on TRAME’s ‘Generative Interiors’ collection at ICFF 2024, please contact

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