All eyes on Fuorisalone

Designers from around the globe are converging in Milan for Fuorisalone Milan Design Week, April 15 – 21 to exchange ideas and showcase projects that influence our current reality. Through a myriad of events, exhibitions, and installations scattered throughout the city, they aim to shape our present. The theme put forward by, “Materia Natura,” seeks to foster a culture of mindful design.

From April 15 to April 21, Milan steps into the limelight of the global design arena with a bustling line-up of events, exhibitions, and installations. Designers, architects, schools, universities, and institutions come together to share ideas that shape our present with a keen eye on the future of our environment. The practices of design play a pivotal role in cultivating a culture of mindful design, emphasizing sustainability as a core principle and essential value in the creative process. This ethos is beautifully encapsulated in the theme “Materia Natura” for this year’s edition.

Centered on principles of circular economy, reuse, and sustainable practices and materials, Fuorisalone will be held as usual in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.Milano, which this year celebrates its 62nd edition.

“Materia Natura”: The Theme of the 2024 Edition of Fuorisalone

Nature takes center stage in the 2024 edition: with “Materia Natura,” Fuorisalone encourages a deep exploration of the connection between these two words, presented through a visually captivating campaign curated by Nicola Ricciardi and conceived by EX. (Andrea Cassi, Michele Versaci) and Giorgio Ferrero (MYBOSSWAS), resulting in a series of five subjects.

Reflections on matter and attempts to transform it have long been central to human culture, which studies, experiments, and manipulates it to interpret the relationship with the natural world. However, it is within the human sphere that these notions converge and harmonize, blending seamlessly with each other.
The term “natura” (- nature) is a strong reminder of the most pressing and current issues we face today, emphasizing the critical need to advocate for initiatives geared towards more sustainable and environmentally conscious solutions. At the same time, the term “materia” (- matter) initiates and sustains a natural conversation with design, creative thinking, strategic planning, and the propensity to imagine infinite and possible transformations.

“Materia Natura” thus becomes the central interpretative key for Fuorisalone, enabling to observe and map the initiatives that, during the Design Week 2024 will give rise to new languages and visions regarding the actions that design is capable of activating in the context of a radical rethinking of the relationship between humans and the environment they inhabit.

The theme “Materia Natura” builds upon previously explored concepts and serves as an extension of past Fuorisalone themes such as “Forme dell’Abitare”, “Tra Spazio e Tempo” e “Laboratorio Futuro”. This thematic continuity delineates a trajectory that upholds the values of a mindful design culture. “Materia Natura” further amplifies and deepens this vision, emphasizing sustainability as a guiding principle and essential virtue in the creative and design process.

“Fuorisalone provides a platform for free expression and dialogue, nurturing critical discussions about the role of design across all its facets. Today, nature emerges as a paramount source of inspiration, one that necessitates collective stewardship. This ethos underpins the selection of our theme, where ‘matter’ encompasses knowledge, culture, and expertise, while ‘nature’ encompasses space, time, and resources. Uniting these dimensions is crucial for shaping our present and securing a sustainable future,” declares Paolo Casati, Co-founder and Creative Director of Studiolabo.

The artwork that becomes the defining image of Fuorisalone 2024

In an effort to enhance the pervasive nature of the underlying theme, “Materia Natura,” Fuorisalone enlisted Nicola Ricciardi, the Artistic Director of miart, to curate the visual interpretation of the theme. This resulted in a fruitful collaboration with EX., a multidisciplinary research and design group blending art, landscape, technology, and architecture, under the guidance of architects Andrea Cassi and Michele Versaci, alongside Giorgio Ferrero (MYBOSSWAS).

POV is a photographic and audiovisual piece composed of five different scenarios that delve into the delicate relationship between humans and the environment. These scenarios portray: a piece of wood from Val Susa, a block of ice, a block of lava stone, a block of marble, and a slate slab. These five elements – selected to illustrate the multitude and complexity of matter and nature – symbolize the profound impact of human activity on the environment, visibly marked by the transformative actions that turn natural materials into objects. This juxtaposition of manipulated elements underscores the disparity between human intervention and the inherent natural essence.

The result is an artificial effect derived from a natural principle. “We explored the relationship between matter and nature, while simultaneously questioning the nature of matter,” state the authors. Ultimately, this process is captured through a unique perspective, utilizing ultraviolet lights imperceptible to the human eye, thereby creating alternative imagery. In this exploration, the realm of science plays a significant role, as the three authors utilized UV lights to generate diverse colors corresponding to different wavelengths, thereby expanding the theme of perception and challenging conventional viewpoints. The result is an artificial effect derived from a natural principle. “We explored the relationship between matter and nature, while simultaneously questioning the nature of matter,” state the authors.

The third edition of the Fuorisalone Award: Celebrating the Best of Milan Design Week

Fuorisalone Award returns, acknowledging the most memorable contents and installations presented during Milan Design Week. Directed by Studiolabo, the Fuorisalone Award honors the finest creativity and impactful ideas from both Italian and international companies and designers.

The projects competing for public votes will be fifteen in total, showcased in a dedicated section of the platform. They will be further explored through an event card system featuring content and photos of the installations. Concurrently, a collaborative effort between a technical committee and the editorial team will focus on highlighting content relevant to the world of design and projects. These selected projects will compete for the 4 Special Mentions across categories: Interaction, Sustainability, Technology, and Communication.

The jury responsible for selecting the winners of the special mentions will comprise: Caroline Corbetta, Contemporary Art Curator and Founding Director @ilcrepaccio; Andrea Davide Cuman, Professor and Historian of Fuorisalone; Giada Daniele, Architect and Digital Communicator; Paolo Ferrarini, Curator, Professor, and Journalist; Nicola Ricciardi, Artistic Director of miart; Angela Rui, Design Curator; Federica Sala, Curator and EIC The Good Life Italia; Andrea Staid, Anthropologist and Writer; Valentina Ventrelli, / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 1

Expert in contemporary aesthetics; Francesco Zurlo, Dean of the School of Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

With the 2024 edition, the Special Media Partner Mention is introduced, inviting media partners to express their judgment based on the shortlist of the 15 most memorable projects. This “critics’ award” will run alongside the one chosen by the public.

The Fuorisalone Awards are designed by the Studiolabo team and crafted by Andrea Gallo with Pollodesign Factory, a Milan-based entity active in the field of design and production. They are stylized versions of the traditional pin that has characterized activities for the past 20 years. An homage to what has always served as the official map to navigate through installations, exhibitions, and discussion panels during the most important week for the design industry.

“The Fuorisalone Award reasserts its dedication to recognizing and documenting the most significant projects within Milan Design Week context. Moreover, the introduction of the new special mention by media partners underscores the importance of a collaborative and targeted approach in enhancing the event from various angles,” states Cristian Confalonieri, Co-founder of Studiolabo.

Voting will open starting from Wednesday, April 17th, and will remain active until Saturday, April 20th, at 12:00 PM.


e.Reporter: Documenting Milan Design Week

The e.Reporter initiative is back, a project launched in 2003 dedicated to students of design, architecture, visual arts with a particular passion for photography and audio-visual content. The aim has always been to depict Fuorisalone through the eyes of a vigilant community, representing the designers of tomorrow. Through partnerships with the leading design schools in Milan, over 190,000 images have been shot over the years, becoming the historical and collective archive of the event.

The partenership between the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano and Studiolabo is confirmed, providing students from the School of Design, the School of Architecture, and POLI.Design with the opportunity to contribute to the event’s collective storytelling. The project falls within the framework of the “Passion in Action” program as an extracurricular activity proposed by Politecnico di Milano to its students, allowing them to obtain 3 CFU (University Course Credits) as educational recognition for voluntary involvement.

One of the new features of the 2024 edition is the opportunity extended to e.Reporters to contribute to the development of the research project “Salone / Milano Design Week come ecosistema” (- Salone / Milan Design Week as an ecosystem). This initiative is strongly supported by the Salone del Mobile. Milano, which has commissioned Politecnico di Milano to conduct a scientific investigation aimed at establishing an observatory to measure the impact of this unique event on the city. It’s an inclusive and participatory project involving the Municipality of Milan and a wide network of stakeholders, including Studiolabo.

Furthermore, a significant collaboration has been established with Northeastern University (NU) in Boston, led by Paolo Ciuccarelli, Director of the Center of Design at NU and with over 20 years of experience at Politecnico di Milano, where he founded the DensityDesign Research Lab. Twelve students from Northeastern University will take part in a special activity as e.Reporters, aiming to define, through practical fieldwork, the fundamental elements and principles of designing the experience of an event within the context of the Design Week. The goal is to “decode” the event by establishing analytical frameworks for its interpretation, which will be valuable for developing new formats. / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 2

Moreover, the collaboration with C41 magazine has been confirmed. In early April, the magazine will launch a photographic call to action: e.Reporters will document the Design Week following a specific brief provided by the C41 editorial team, and the finest images may be featured on the magazine’s platforms. This edition’s call to action is titled OBJECTS, focusing on the core of the Design Week: everyday objects, sustainable items, objects to own, and others to inhabit within unique installations.

Art and design at Fuorisalone: a relationship fostered by the collaboration with miart

Many initiatives originate within the context of miart and are designed to spill over into Milan Design Week, just as numerous Fuorisalone events prominently feature art. This is precisely why Nicola RicciardiArtistic Director of miart, has collaborated with Studiolabo to establish a partnership aimed at producing content, itineraries, and guides related to art in Milan during the Design Week. The goal is to promote cross-pollination between the two identities with the aim of providing Fuorisalone’s diverse audience with quality content useful for discovering the city from various perspectives. On, visitors will find guides to selected Milanese galleries, unique itineraries proposed by Nicola Ricciardi for discovering exhibitions and venues in the city, and lists of events involving artists or collectives within the Fuorisalone’s program.

“Art and design have always shared numerous points of contact; personally, I don’t put much stock in labels and divisions, so it feels quite natural to me to see these two worlds blending. And naturally, during the weeks of April, first during Milan Art Week and then during Milan Design Week, we witness how this intermingling can give rise to something original and innovative. This fusion of art and design is a hallmark of Milan, a city that has played a pivotal role in the development of modern art and, needless to say, contemporary design,” declares Nicola Ricciardi, Artistic Director of miart. ⟶

Salone del Mobile.Milano and Fuorisalone join forces for the Design Week

The collaboration with Salone del Mobile.Milano continues with the aim of highlighting exhibitors present both at the trade fair and throughout the city, following a dedicated route outlined in the event guide and on the interactive map of This includes indicating the location of stands across various pavilions and the event venue within the city, intended to guide the audience towards a selection of events organized by the leading brands in the design and furniture sector.


The digital platform of serving both the public and companies boasts twenty years of experience in digitally aggregating and narrating the events taking place in the city during Milan Design Week, providing essential tools for the public and impactful solutions for companies and professionals. Over the years, the interactive digital experience has continued to evolve, and today the platform offers a comprehensive mapping with event guides during the Design Week. It also includes designer and brand profiles, which showcase the history of events they have organized or participated in during various editions of Fuorisalone. Additionally, there’s a magazine section featuring in-depth articles, thematic paths, and mini-guides. A live section showcases photographs produced by 100 e.Reporters, and there’s also a reserved area where each user can save and share content with other users. / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 3

Throughout the year, serves as a comprehensive 360° design guide and introduces a new tool: Milano Design Agenda, an updated calendar featuring design events in Milan organized day by day. It allows users to: view upcoming and ongoing events, share them within their network, on social media, or via messaging apps, save each appointment in their reserved area, and navigate the map of Milan to discover nearby events. Additionally, in the Agenda section of, users can also explore the World Design Events section, which lists the dates of various Design Weeks held worldwide, enabling them to stay updated on the international calendar and discover dedicated insights.

In 2023, attracted 970,000 unique users, with 4.8 million page views. During the last edition, reporters uploaded over 12k images, and to date, there are more than 190k unique photographs captured during various editions of Fuorisalone. In the Inspire section, an immersive digital environment designed by Studiolabo, users can relive the event’s experience through ever-changing and unexpected scenarios. ⟶

Main Sponsor

Hyundai renews its collaboration with Fuorisalone for the fourteenth consecutive year as the Main Sponsor, reaffirming the centrality of design in its vision of Progress for Humanity: the constant pursuit of progress beneficial to all people, making daily life easier, safer, and more sustainable. As Milan transforms into the global capital of new trends in design and sustainable planning, Hyundai will support in recounting Milan Design Week 2024 and Materia Natura, the chosen theme for this edition promoting a culture of mindful design and sustainability as the focal point of the creative and design process.

“Progress for Humanity”: the brand’s vision for mobility and beyond. Making progress accessible to all, improving people’s lives through innovative mobility solutions, promoting a sustainable society, starting from the belief that there are no limits that cannot be overcome. Hyundai’s “Progress for Humanity” vision extends from zero-emission mobility to envisioning a much broader future that includes advanced air mobility – with Supernal’s projects for the development and commercialization of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL) by 2028 -, robotics with projects from Boston Dynamics and the Robotics Lab, and the “Software-defined Everything” (SDx) approach.

Nevertheless, the vision extends beyond mobility, embracing the advancement of a society founded on sustainable energy sources. Hyundai, consistently pioneering hydrogen-related technologies, seeks to foster an economy and ecosystem centered around it, addressing the entirety of society’s energy requirements through the integration of clean energy sources. ⟶

This year, glo returns as the main sponsor of Fuorisalone. As BAT Italia’s leading brand for nicotine-containing heat stick devices, glo continues to offer adult smokers a smoke-free alternative. The new HYPER PRO device, boasts a sleek and colorful design coupled with advanced HeatBoostTM technology, ensuring a consistently intense experience from start to finish. What makes this device even more unique is the innovative smart LED display, providing a more intuitive experience by allowing users to monitor battery level, session duration, selected mode, and more. With its premium and compact design, the HYPER PRO is the perfect companion for your day-to-day activities, fitting seamlessly in your hand or pocket. glo fosters a positive and inclusive experience, whether it’s through art, design, or music, and the HYPER PRO embodies this ethos perfectly.

Grand Seiko proudly serves as the Official Timekeeper of the event, a partnership that began in 2023 and is set to continue until 2025. This collaboration forms an integral part of our communication strategy aimed at conveying the brand’s values and its deep connection with the world of design to the vast international audience attending the event.

The previews of the Fuorisalone 2024 edition: Districts and areas

Brera Design District shines bright with its 15th edition of Brera Design Week, a cornerstone of the Fuorisalone. It offers a rich program of exhibitions, installations, collectives, and product unveilings, aiming to match or exceed the numbers of the previous edition with over 260 events scheduled throughout the district. Alongside the 196 permanent showrooms, an increasing number of international entities have chosen Brera as their stage, joining renowned furniture brands, and significant players in automotive, technology, and fashion. The latter, in particular, takes center stage with dedicated home product lines and unforgettable installations.

Studio Ianus has been commissioned to create the coordinated image for 2024, blending illustration and animation to tell the district’s story. This collaboration introduces a fresh narrative style, paving the way for the release of a free press magazine in the summer of 2024.

Studio Ianus

Porsche returns for the second time to Milan Design Week with “The Pattern of Dreams,” the 5th installment of the traveling art and design series “The Art of Dreams.” This year’s showcase will be exploring motif, rhythm, and repetition, premiering “Lines of Flight,” a monumental and interactive artwork by Numen/For Use, inspired by the iconic Pepita houndstooth pattern and animated by a hypnotic choreography.

Also glo is back for its second year in the Brera Design District with “glo for art,” featuring an immersive installation by Emiliano Ponzi. Meanwhile, Valcucine presents “Architectural Scenarios” at its showroom on Corso Garibaldi: a collective exhibition where three renowned international architecture and interior design studios interpret the brand’s kitchens.

Lastly, Grand Seiko presents “Materia in Movimento,” a unique installation that reimagines this year’s theme. Exploring the delicate balance between humanity and nature, this sensory and immersive experience promises to be a highlight of Milan Design Week.
⟶ /

The Tortona District returns with a fresh look and a communication proposal aimed at bringing together and showcasing the diverse entities within it: Tortona Rocks, Tortona Design Week, Superstudio, and BASE. The district serves as a platform for addressing contemporary themes through a design perspective, aiming to tackle future challenges.


5VIE presents the latest edition of “Unlimited Design Orchestra,” building upon the success of last year’s theme, “Design for Good.” This concept underscores the role of design as a catalyst for fostering deep human connections, emphasizing sustainability through collaboration and sharing, akin to the harmonious elements of an orchestra. The Orchestra symbolizes the concept of holistic well-being, reflecting a harmony of perspectives, spaces, and objects that resonate with both the eyes and the heart. This initiative transcends boundaries and brings together designers from diverse backgrounds, reaffirming the values of respect and mutual appreciation. ⟶

Milano Durini Design unveils a theme centered on the concept of COLOR.
Color represents more than just design—it embodies emotion, vitality, and the essence of everyday life, elevating even the most exclusive lifestyles. Across the globe, designers and architects continually seek to harmonize form and color, aiming to enhance the allure of every object.
Color will serve as the unifying theme of the district, manifested through a journey of tactical urban planning and scattered, vibrant elements. This will create a visual thread that adds value and identity to the MDD district.

Isola Design District unveils an inspiring exploration into the sustainability and functional prowess of design, showcasing its potential in addressing real-world issues and shaping the future of the industry. The Isola Design Festival 2024, is expanding its footprint into exciting new territories, including Lampo Milano, WAO PL7, and Galleria Bonelli. With five collective exhibitions and numerous guest installations, the festival will spotlight circular / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 5 design, innovative materials, and craftsmanship. Furthermore, the Isola District welcomes diverse entities from the Middle and Far East, fostering global connections.

Projects and itineraries in the territory for 2024: Events realized with the support of Studiolabo and

EXMACELLO Fuorisalone Festival

On the occasion of Design Week 2024, Le Cannibale, APE, Piano B, Mare Culturale Urbano and, five of the most important urban organizations active in the production of music and cultural events, join forces to create a week-long music festival, proposing an initiative representing the different shades of the city’s music scene, the sounds and atmospheres that will meet in the Milan of 2024. On the strength of a recent past of successful initiatives that have attracted thousands of people to the Ex Macello, the five realities will work together to enliven one of the city’s best-loved venues with a series of events, involving internationally renowned artists and young talents, making music resonate within a majestic setting of industrial architecture, by now a reference point for Milan Design Week.

⟶ Ex Macello, Viale Molise, 62

Stark, in connection with the theme “Materia Natura,” unveils “Transitions.”

Lattices and structures characterize matter where the presence of water defines morphologies and configurations through sinuous paths and unexpected forms. Stark’s installation for the new theme proposed by Fuorisalone invites a multisensory exploration into the states in which matter manifests itself. For the first time, set against the backdrop of the historic Sala dei Pilastri within the Sforza Castle, visitors will embark on a sensory journey through the fluidity of matter.

Water, emblematic of the vitality of matter, is portrayed through an experience that leaves room for wonder, where transitions between various states occur thanks to both material and evanescent light with broken lines, winding flows, and intangible punctual elements that meet along the path, forming visual, auditory, and material patterns in transformation. Stark’s collaboration with the creative team composed of Alice Buroni, Gloria Lisi, and Alex Buroni offers an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between art and reality, where an unexpected trompe-l’oeil reflects matter and human beings as part of the same nature.

Stark, c/o Sala dei Pilastri del Castello Sforzesco, Piazza Castello


An innovative collaboration between Silvia Badalotti and Cristian Confalonieri, developed by Studiolabo in partnership with Condiviso. This project offers a reflection on the use of Artificial Intelligence in creative fields, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the timeless appeal of analog gaming. memorIA offers a unique twist on the classic memory game: instead of matching identical images, players uncover two distinct visuals generated by advanced AI technology from a shared textual prompt. This dynamic interaction between human input and AI capabilities allows to generate an image, a text, or a musical piece by associating the received input with elements from its database.

During the Design Week 2024, an exhibition featuring some of the images contained in memorIA will be showcased at “A CASA OVUNQUE ‘24,” located at Via Savona 35. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the playful aspect of memorIA at the same venue, where it will also be available for limited edition purchase, published by Demoela.

Projects in the Territory

Alcova has chosen Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Valsecchi as the locations for its seventh edition. The former is a perfect example of modernist architecture designed by Osvaldo Borsani during the Second World War, while the latter is an archetype of a 17th-century Lombard villa. This year as well, Alcova promotes experimental design projects, performances, and conferences, reactivating the two sites and offering a snapshot of contemporary design.

Design Variations, for its 4th edition curated by Mosca Pasrtners, chooses the Darsena: a hidden place that preserves the Milanese vocation for transformation. A precise choice that proposes unprecedented combinations offering an updated vision of what it means to make design today and return it to its experimental and research nature. Nathalie Du Pasquier welcomes the public with a site-specific work, while the design studio Park Associati signs the modular set-up with a hemp cement brick scenography. Debates, meetings and a special Garage Sale enrich the edition every day. The venue will be animated by designers, brands and universities carefully selected by MoscaPartners. Which: Neri&Hu, Michele De Lucchi, Studio Stefan Scholten, Space Copenhagen, BassamFellows, Raquel Pacchini, Andrea Steidel, Zaven, Francesco Faccin, DGO_Diego Grandi Office & Officina Azzurra, Matteo Cibic, GuardiniCiuffreda, Storage Milano, Adam James Cavallari e Andrea Alessandri, Tamar de Shalit, Arthur Goldreich, Debonademeo, Studio Stormo, Gae Avigabile, Vladislav Tolochko, Simone Micheli, Studio Stormo, Finemateria, Debonademeo, Pio & Tito Toso, Martinelli/Venezia, Hermine Bourdin, Duccio Maria Gambi, Loris Cecchini, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Annabelle Schneider, Marta Abbott, Gian Paolo Venier, Sotiris Lazou Design Studio, CTRLZAK, Giulio Iacchetti, Elena Salmistraro, Lanzavecchia + WAI, Thomas Lehman, Enkhjin Ariunbold, August Vakil, Cansu Ural, Alexander Lervik, NM3, Agglomerati, Anna Pesonen, Etamorph, Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Martinelli/Venezia, Alessandro Stabile; Iacucci Luigi; Ana Goidea, Maurizio Navone, IllariPurna, Carrot Carpenteria. In addition, the results of the workshop held by Michele De Lucchi and Francesca Balena Arista at the Milan Polytechnic will be presented.


Capsule Plaza, a unique blend of a trade show and a collective design exhibition, returns after the success of its previous edition. This time, it expands its presence to include not only the captivating Spazio Maiocchi, a former industrial cathedral, but also the iconic Milanese destination, 10 Corso Como. The program promises an exciting lineup of events, including conferences, workshops, and social gatherings, drawing on a diverse community of creators and partners. Co-curated by Capsule’s founder and creative director, Alessio Ascari, alongside architect Paul Cournet, Capsule Plaza aims to provide a dynamic platform for exploring contemporary design. Coinciding with its opening, Capsule will release the third issue of its magazine, an annual publication reimagining the concept of radical design for today’s society.


Dropcity, a project curated by Architect Andrea Caputo, will open to the city from April 12th to 21st, hosting a diverse program of exhibitions, installations, conferences, and talks featuring international architects and designers.

Convey is a project that establishes a connection between contemporary brands and leading players, aiming to expedite growth paths, create opportunities, and uphold shared values to help shape the evolving landscape of international design. Set within the premises of Basic Village in the Farini area, Convey encompasses over 1000 square meters where a curated selection of design companies will showcase their values through new products, installations, and community-focused activities. The objective is to harmonize corporate assets with a contemporary approach that resonates with the needs of today’s society. / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 7 ⟶

Tortona Rocks presents Prelude: An Insight into Future Design, a vibrant fusion of art and design, cutting-edge technologies, and eco-consciousness. Among the highlights it features, IKEA unveils “1st,” an exhibit dedicated to the inaugural homes of young individuals. Italdesign introduces a global debut with the electric 2+2 coupé “Asso di Picche in Movimento,” while Archiproducts Milano launches the visionary AQUA project by Studio Pepe. Bohemian company Preciosa returns with the luminous installation “Crystal Beat II,” and the colorful world of Korean brand Noroo will be brought to life by street artist Okuda San Miguel’s masterpiece, “Hong Chul Wonderland.” Visitors can also enjoy an immersive experience with Corian® Design in Nature’s Canvas.


Once again this year, Tortona Design Week asserts itself as one of the foremost stages on the global design scene. From April 15th to 21st, the streets of this iconic district transform into a vibrant “Walk of Design,” featuring exhibitions, installations, and workshops with the participation of internationally acclaimed designers. From via Tortona to via Novi, and from via Savona to the spaces of Antica Fabbrica 14, locations steeped in the history of post-industrial Milan become the backdrop for unique and immersive experiences. Through the collaboration between businesses and the local community, design is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the city’s rich history and tradition, inspiring industry professionals and visitors alike.


Base Milano returns from April 15th to 21st with WE WILL DESIGN, the experimental platform-laboratory that, since 2021, has been hosting and promoting projects by designers from around the world during the Design Week. Through meetings, residencies, talks, and exhibitions, the 4th edition of the event focuses on conviviality, interpreted as a collective need based on solidarity and mutual care. The event kicks off with a public program centered around the theme of coexistence and the TALAMO installation, curated by the architectural duo Lemonot.


Superstudio, through its Superdesign Show, ventures beyond with its concept “THINKING DIFFERENT – everything, everywhere, everyone.” This annual event during Milan Design Week welcomes those who are not afraid to dare, to think outside the box. The initial idea is daring: any product can undergo reinvention in a different way. Here, the focus is on crafting fresh solutions where aesthetics and sophistication blend with originality, merging technology and embracing contemporary themes like sustainability and inclusivity.


Triennale Milano presents a series of new exhibitions and installations, thus renewing its vocation as a reference institution for design and architecture at an international level and exhibiting the projects of some of the most interesting realities in the field of design. The public of the Milano Design Week will have the opportunity to visit the double homage that Triennale Milano and Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain are dedicating to Alessandro Mendini, through the retrospective “Io sono un drago. The real Alessandro Mendini” – realised in collaboration with the Archivio Alessandro Mendini, curated by Fulvio Irace with installation design by Pierre Charpin – and an immersive installation conceived, designed and directed by Philippe Starck. From 15 April, two more projects produced by Triennale will open: the exhibition “La casa imperfetta” (The Imperfect House) by French designer Inga Sempé – curated by Marco Sammicheli, which will occupy the Design Platform space – and an exhibition dedicated to the design of architect Cini Boeri, curated by the Archivio Cini Boeri and Cristina Moro, with the collaboration of the Parco Sempione Library. From 15 to 21 April, Triennale will host the research of important international institutions and companies in its spaces, through exhibitions and activities that tell the public about new perspectives and investigations in design. Among the companies involved for the 2024 edition: Alcantara, Emeco, Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, Keiji Takeuchi design office, Wallpaper*. Furthermore, from 16 to 28 April Triennale will host Universo Satellite, the exhibition with which Salone del Mobile.Milano celebrates 25 years of SaloneSatellite, curated by Beppe Finessi. As always, it will be possible to visit the Museum of Italian Design and Ettore Sottsass’ Casa Lana. During Design Week there will be no lack of public programme appointments, a schedule of meetings, lectures and screenings involving the protagonists of the design world. / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 8 ⟶

ADI Design Museum presents ORIGIN of SIMPLICITY. 20 Visions of Japanese Design, an innovative exploration of Japanese design featuring 150 carefully selected pieces, curated by Rossella Menegazzo, with graphic design and exhibition layout by Kenya Hara. Also on display is Feeling Good – Caimi, Design per il futuro, an exhibition on design reformism curated by Aldo Colonetti and Valentina Fisichella, with exhibition design by Matteo Vercelloni and multimedia design by Ex Anima. Ottchil Design – OD / KOREA 옷칠디자인, an exhibition on Korean design organized by DBEW | Design Beyond East and West, and L’attimo prima – Edra, an exhibition of objects by Francesco Binfaré curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, will also be showcased. Additionally, the museum will host various other events, exhibitions, and installations, along with the permanent collection display of the Compasso d’Oro award.


Baranzate Ateliers: Curated by Zaventem Ateliers, the creative hub for art and design founded by Belgian designer and architect Lionel Jadot in 2019, the Baranzate Ateliers project returns to Milan Design Week after its success in 2022. This year, Baranzate Ateliers will occupy the spaces at Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 16/3, a monumental industrial building from the 1950s spanning 7,300 square meters near Linate Airport. With a program encompassing art, collectible design, and performances, it promises to be one of the highlights of the design week.


Porta Venezia Design District introduces “EverythinK is design,” drawing inspiration from Paul Rand’s inclusive and contemporary design ethos, which mirrors the neighbourhood’s versatile, irreverent, and cosmopolitan spirit. The district aims to encompass a wide range of fields within the concept of design, embracing diverse expressive codes and languages to encourage ideation and innovation. The district aims to encompass a wide range of fields within the concept of design, embracing diverse expressive codes and languages to encourage ideation and innovation.


ID-exe 2024 has chosen the theme “Shaped by Design,” a widespread exhibition aiming to explore the significance of design and digital technologies as drivers of urban progress and innovation across various sectors like health, food, technology, and education. Through projects, prototypes, and interactive installations, the event provides a holistic view of design’s impact on daily life, fostering dialogue and learning through workshops and conferences. The commitment to sustainability and the use of low-impact materials reflect the ethos of responsible design.


Zona Sarpi serves as a platform promoting a network of design-related projects and cultural events. It stems from a strategic vision in collaboration with the vibrant and engaged community of the neighborhood and its wider network. Designers, companies, and institutions will showcase the quality of Chinese design and lifestyle during Milan Design Week and beyond, connecting with projects from the Milanese and international design community that animates the neighborhood. Zona Sarpi will unfold along Via Paolo Sarpi, at the Chinese Cultural Center, and will feature a selection of projects at the Fabbrica del Vapore and the ADI Design Museum.

Highlighted Events at Fuorisalone / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 9

Continuing its sponsorship from 2023, glo reaffirms its position as the main sponsor of Fuorisalone with the latest installment of its extensive traveling artistic project, “glo for art” by nationally and internationally renowned illustrator Emiliano Ponzi. Ponzi lends his talent to create an immersive installation that captures the innovative, inclusive, and avant-garde essence of the brand through an experience with strong technological and interactive elements, consistently merging the theme “Materia Natura” of Fuorisalone 2024 with glo’s vision. The exhibition space, entirely conceived and designed by Ponzi, transforms into a large installation ready to flood Milan with a spirit of positivity. A true explosion of colors surrounds the visitor, inviting them to traverse a vibrant tunnel of shapes and hues, at the end of which a large artistic work with a strong visual impact is visible. The installation will be housed in one of the most visible, known, and visited locations of Fuorisalone, the Hub Gattinoni, in Via Statuto, in the heart of Brera, which will be transformed into the glo Hub for an entire week.

⟶ | Location: c/o Hub Gattinoni, Via Statuto, 2

“Born in Oasi ZEGNA” will take center stage in the installation hosted at the ZEGNA headquarters on Via Savona. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of Oasi Zegna and the new book. Through a journey intertwining art and nature, they can stroll through the lush vegetation of the forest and engage with the stories and images that animate the pages of the book.

“Born in Oasi ZEGNA” represents a captivating narrative of heritage and responsibility, highlighting ZEGNA’s profound commitment, since its foundation in 1910, to both people and the environment.
⟶ | Location: Zegna Headquarters Via Savona, 56A

Veuve Clicquot presents “Emotions of the Sun.” The Champagne Maison celebrates its Solaire Culture with an exclusive photographic exhibition in partnership with Magnum Photos. The exhibition, set up in an elegant space designed by the renowned international scenographer and designer Constance Guisset, highlights over 250 years of Veuve Clicquot’s history seen through the contemporary lens of eight world-renowned photographers. They interpret the Maison’s Solaire Culture in 40 shots representing an immersive journey around the world. Alongside the exhibition, a Clicquot Café will be set up where visitors can taste the Maison’s iconic Cuvées paired with an all-day menu crafted by Michelin-starred chefs. Finally, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase unique Clicquot-branded accessories, limited edition items, and personalized bottles at the Solaire Clicquot Boutique.

⟶ Location: Garden Senato, Via Senato, 14

See Also

Google introduces the event “Making Sense of Color.” This immersive journey from the ethereal to the material highlights how color is fundamental for perceiving the world around us, while also representing a crucial aspect of Google’s latest hardware project. Ivy Ross, Vice President of Hardware Design at Google, and her design team, in collaboration with the artistic and research laboratory Chromasonic, created the installation.

⟶ Location: Garage 21, Via Archimede, 26

DermophonicMatteo Cibic’s experimental project for Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milano, offers an emotional journey intertwining art and coffee flavors at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. Within a custom-made soundproofed nest embroidered by the artist, an ingenious sound artist creates small sound portraits while patrons savor the richness of a premium blend exclusive to the Milan Roastery. Guests are immersed in a rich array of memories and nostalgic moments evoked by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, while the musician creates a bespoke auditory experience using the specially crafted Dermophonic 3.0 instrument designed by Cibic. For the occasion, the designer has created a limited edition of Domsai and hand-decorated ceramic plates, inspired by the state of euphoria experienced during his first tasting of the blend. Plants with lysergic and cheerful fruits, elements from his dreamlike repertoire, merge into metaphysical and colorful landscapes. Starbucks Reserve is pleased to continue supporting the work of Matteo Cibic, a designer and artist who has accompanied the brand since its early Milanese beginnings five and a half years ago.

⟶ | Location: Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milano, Cordusio, 3 / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 10

Fornasetti revamps the dining room with a new bar furniture and buffet, tables featuring unique shapes and materials, and chairs that blend the charm of history with the comfort of upholstered fabrics. Also on display is the result of the collaboration between Poltrona Frau reinterpreted by Fornasetti.
⟶ | Location: Fornasetti, Corso Venezia, 21A

Artemest presents the second edition of L’Appartamento, a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship and design within a new location in the 5Vie district: a charming Milanese residence from the early 20th century. Elicyon, GACHOT, Rottet Studio, Studio Meshary AlNassar, Tamara Feldman Design, and VSHD Design will curate the spaces. Each of the six studios will design a room using exclusively furniture, lighting, art, and decor made by Italian artisans and artists featured on Artemest.

⟶ | Location: Residenza Vignale, Via Enrico Toti, 2

Grohe presents “Salus per Aquam,” a new immersive experience in one of Milan’s most renowned locations: Palazzo Reale. Inspired by the former garden of the Cortile d’Onore, the installation pays homage to the building’s history by blending nature and architecture to create a sensory journey focused on the revitalizing power of water. Visitors will be guided through four innovative “Aquatectures” spaces that, by combining water with architecture, celebrate the essence of GROHE SPA premium bathroom solutions: Health through water.

⟶ Location: Palazzo Reale, Piazza Duomo, 12

IKEA presents 1st: A showcase to ignite dreams and inspire. IKEA will be present at Milan Design Week, from April 15th to 21st, 2024, returning for the second consecutive year to Padiglione Visconti, at via Tortona 58. “1st ” will explore the many “first times” experienced by young generations when they finally their inaugural living space. The focus will be on the stories behind these initial moments, from people across the globe, the week-long event promises product launches, a dedicated culinary space, vibrant music, and a series of engaging events centered around the theme of “first times.”

⟶ | Location: Padiglione Visconti, Via Tortona, 58

Lasvit presents “Re/Creation,” a monumental glass installation at Palazzo Isimbardi, showcasing the Czech brand’s mastery and innovative approach to design, architecture, and glass production. The brand will also introduce the new “Nebula” collection by Claesson Koivisto Rune, the bespoke artwork “Bois de Cristal” by Senior Designer Maria Culenova, and a new limited edition gold version of the “La Scala” chandelier (designed by Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus).

⟶ | Location: Palazzo Isimbardi, Corso Monforte, 35

Dotdotdot presents “Data Bugs: AI is a Mirror.” AI is a powerful mathematical model to which we provide enormous amounts of data. By processing this data, AI creates images, makes decisions, provides directions, and offers solutions. It constructs a world that mirrors who we are. But who are we, really? “Data Bugs –– AI is a Mirror” is an experience that explores and narrates, through an interactive installation, the generative power of AI to reflect on the social implications of data representation and polarization. “If you don’t think representation matters, you’re probably well represented” (Bernice King).

⟶ | Location: Dotdotdot, Via Tertulliano, 68/70

Marsèll unveils its collaboration with the Berlin-based architecture studio Gonzalez Haase AAS within its Milanese spaces with AAS:object:project, an installation exhibition inside the Marsèll showroom on Via Paullo, and a site-specific artwork in the flagship store on Via della Spiga.
⟶ Location: Marsèll Showroom, Via Paullo 12/A; Marsèll Milano Spiga, Via della Spiga, 42

Materially introduces Materially NOW, a versatile format that physically and symbolically places the exploration of materials shaping the present and future at its core, guided by three key directions: Aim Net Zero, Nature in Lab, Impact by Industry. Housed within Superstudio Più, Materially NOW serves as both an exhibition space and an opportunity to understand and draw inspiration from the world of materials through workshops, presentations, and discussion panels. / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 11

⟶ | Location: Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27

Hendrick’s at Fuorisalone: A Dedicated Journey for a Gin Tonic at the Design Week

Hendrick’s Gin returns to Fuorisalone for the third consecutive year, unveiling its latest limited release Scottish Gin. In collaboration with Fuorisalone, Hendrick’s Gin will guide its community to the top bars in Milan to sample and experience this new “cabaret” of vibrant and alluring flavors during the design week. The limited edition gin tonic is crafted to elevate the Fuorisalone aperitivo into a refreshing and unique experience, true to the Hendrick’s style. This year’s limited release, the newest addition from the “Cabinet of Curiosities,” will be available in over 50 markets.


THE GLITCH CAMP powered by IED – Making Milan Design Week More Accessible to Young People

An urban camping experience, set up in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Milanosport S.p.A., at the “Enrico Cappelli Savorelli” sport center to host, free of charge, the student and young designer community from around the world coming to the Design Week. The goal is to democratize access to the creative and relational heritage surrounding the Salone and promote its awareness. The glitch is the “disruption” from which an unexpected advantage can arise. The Glitch Camp offers the opportunity to stay at affordable rates during the Design Week, providing a chance to experience the event despite its complexities. Information about how to apply for up to two nights per person will be available on starting from March.

⟶ | Location: Sport Center “Enrico Cappelli Savorelli”, Piazza Caduti del Lavoro, 5

Marella is taking part in Milan Design Week 2024 with the installation “Eden Unveiled” by Sicilian artist Domenico Pellegrino, available to the public from April 12th to April 21st, 2024. The installation will illuminate the windows and interior of the Marella flagship store on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Inspired by the myth of the birth of Spring, the artwork will feature wooden installations and colorful lights. Complementing the installation will be a series of carefully chosen words selected by the artist, aimed at conveying the brand’s values and Pellegrino’s perspective on the feminine universe. The store will also host the design brand Et al., furnishing the sales space for the occasion.

⟶ | Location: Marella, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II Ang. Piazza Del Liberty 2

CASA OVUNQUE ’24 / Human Technology. The 3rd edition of A Casa Ovunque, organized by The Playful Living and Sfera Mediagroup at the historic location of Autofficina Fiorentini on Via Savona 35, in the heart of Zona Tortona, focuses on the theme “Human Technology” – technology that truly serves humanity in a broad sense. Through furnishings, objects, materials, services, and inspirations, we showcase the curated hospitality of a Charme Hotel, the comfortable mobility On the Road, the empathetic welcome of an Open Square, the natural joy of a Kids Space, and the wealth of content and opportunities in a Cultural Business Lounge.

⟶ | Location: Autofficina Fiorentini, Via Savona, 35

Belgium is Design – BOLD Dualities returns with a grand exhibition bringing together over 30 designers and design studios, curated by the Baroness O studio. The exhibition showcases a selection of particularly bold and unconventional objects. The 30 designers/studios presenting their work, with the support of Belgium is Design, include:amgs studio / Atelier Leda / Bent Fierens / Chateau Resort / Cocono / Combo Toys / Duplex / Fractall / Home Studyo / Jules Vrijsen / KRUM / Lisa Berden / Lou van ‘t Riet / Maak & Transmettre / Maud Brunstein / Muller Van Severen / Nathalie Van der Massen / Nortstudio / Nuts&Bolts / Oskar De Roover / paulineplusluis / Sébastien Caporusso / Studio BISKT / Studio Matta / Studio Minimètre / studio MOTO / Studio Nas / Studio Plastique / Tenue de Ville / Venlettettelin. The exhibition will be part of the project Baranzate Ateliers.

⟶ Location: Baranzate Ateliers, Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 16

ARTESANOS Manufactura Peruana. For the first time at Milan Design Week comes the ARTESANOS Manufactura Peruana project, for the occasion presented at the Cinema Casoretto, a location in the Milan district / Studiolabo – Via Palermo, 1 20121 Milano – 12

of the same name reopened after almost 30 years since its closure for this special event at Fuorisalone 2024. The first collection is called ADB24 and recovers and reworks some of the furnishings from the style office in Chacas (ARTESANOS Headquarters at 4000m in the Andes) and its talleres scattered throughout Peru. These furnishings are joined by the first projects of the designers Maddalena Casadei, Giulio Iacchetti and the duo Zaven, identified to kick off this incipit of renewal, involved by curators Luisa Bertoldo and Davide Fabio Colaci.

⟶ Location: Cinema Casoretto, Parrocchia Santa Maria Bianca della Misericordia, Piazza San Materno

Design For Communities. After the great success of the first event, “Design for Communities” is back, a collaborative project between LiveinSlums, an NGO working in urban areas with severe problems, and designer Giacomo Moor. In 2024, the collaboration sees the realisation of the kitchen for the canteen. Located in the courtyard and elevated on a concrete podium that protects it from weather and flooding, this minimal unit is an extremely flexible micro-architecture that can be exported to very different socio-environmental contexts. To tell the public about the project, the spaces of Assab One will host the micro-architecture, in full scale, and the photographic research of Alessandro Treves

⟶ Location: Assab One, Via Privata Assab, 1

HoperAperta presents Mimesis forma e immagine – an exhibition curated by Patrizia Catalano and Maurizio Barberis. The event planned by HoperAperta will be a synergy between the visual arts (art, architecture, design), a project now in its sixth edition that arrives at the Civic Aquarium with the exhibition MIMESIS and involves, among others, the New York Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture and Design. The exhibition will occupy the large rooms on the first floor of the Art Nouveau building, the Winter Garden and the Conference Room, and the hemicycle terrace, where works and projects addressing the theme of Mimesis will be displayed. The exhibition will propose a confrontation on these themes among the artists and architects invited to exhibit. Among them are Maurizio Barberis, Armando Bruno, Dorian X, Fadhil Fadhil with NYIT, Alfonso Femia, Duccio Grassi, Alessandro Melis, Daniele Menichini and Nicolas Turchi, Steve Piccolo, Odilia Prisco, Elena Salmistraro, Federico Spagnulo, Alberto Vannetti, Carmelo Zappulla.

⟶ Location: Mimesis, Via Sant’Andrea, 8/a

Since 2003, – a registered trademark – has served as the go-to platform for Fuorisalone events, which, in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile.Milano, constitute the core of Milan Design Week schedule.
With years of experience serving clients, a recognized brand value, and a deep understanding of marketing dynamics, Fuorisalone offers a distinctively international digital communication experience. From 2020 onwards, has transformed into a platform that operates continuously, providing valuable content, fostering connections, and promoting design culture. In 2021, the platform underwent further enhancements to become a comprehensive design guide, available in physical, digital, and hybrid formats, serving users year-round.

Studiolabo, founded by Paolo Casati and Cristian Confalonieri, is a Milan-based company specializing in communication and concept design since 2003. It offers strategic consulting services, branding, and graphic design, as well as promotes and produces cultural events to the design world and territorial marketing. Studiolabo is also the author and creator of and Brera Design District.

Nicola Ricciardi (Milan, 1985) works as the Artistic Director of miart, the international fair for modern and contemporary art in Milan. From 2016 to 2020, he held the position of Artistic Director at OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin, where he curated over 20 exhibitions, including solo shows by Tino Sehgal, Susan Hiller, Mike Nelson, and Monica Bonvicini, as well as more than 70 concerts featuring artists such as Kraftwerk, New Order, John Cale, and Kamasi Washington. In 2014, he earned a Master’s degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in New York and currently teaches at the Politecnico delle Arti in Bergamo and NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan.

EX. is a research and design group operating at the intersection of art, landscape, technology, and architecture. EX.’s work is inspired projects such as the Bivacco Corradini / Black Body Mountain Shelter and the Bivacco Berrone by Andrea Cassi and Michele Versaci.

Andrea Cassi graduated in architecture from the Politecnico di Torino, focusing on the role of digital technologies in contemporary cities, a thesis developed at the SENSEable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After graduation, he worked as a teaching assistant at the architecture faculties of the Politecnico di Torino and Politecnico di Milano. Currently, he is a lecturer at IAAD in Turin. With a lifelong passion for mountaineering and the mountains, he has developed several projects and installations in alpine environments. He is also a partner at the design studio Carlo Ratti Associati.

Michele Versaci graduated in civil engineering and architecture from the Università di Catania, where he developed an experimental kinetic pavilion at ETH Zurich, earning several awards and accolades. After working at internationally renowned firms including EM2N Architekten, Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, and Carlo Ratti Associati, he currently leads the strategy and competitions unit at the architecture firm Park Associati. In addition, he is involved in research and teaching, having served as a lecturer at IED Milan and pursuing a doctorate at the Politecnico di Milano, focusing on how circular economy principles can influence architectural design.

Giorgio Ferrero ( MYBOSSWAS) is a director, composer, photographer, and creative director. He has composed music for installations, dance performances, and over twenty films showcased at major film festivals worldwide. Collaborating with renowned writers, directors, artists, and architects, he has garnered significant recognition in Europe, the United States, China, Russia, and South America. His debut film, “Beautiful Things,” was produced by the Venice Biennale and screened at over 150 festivals. His latest short film, “Happy Birthday,” closed the International Critics’ Week at the Venice Film Festival. In 2011, he co-founded the multidisciplinary creative studio MYBOSSWAS.

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