A loveletter to home

Just in time for Valentines Day, Design Maestro Scott Harris pens a love letter to home and examines what home building and relationship building have in common.

Just as a nurturing relationship serves as a sanctuary for the soul, a thoughtfully crafted home should effortlessly foster a haven for every aspect of your life. Having love in our life is as necessary as food and water. Like an undesigned, uninhabited home, without love, we feel an unquestionable hollowness. But in love, we can lose ourselves for hours, days or –for some– a lifetime. The average American spends 90% of their life indoors and much of that is in their home. These should be spaces we love and spaces that foster our most precious relationships. 

Connection and security

At the core of every home resides a dual foundation: a profound sense of belonging intertwined with unwavering security. What if we could design a home that greets us with an unconditional embrace each morning, that nourishes the soul, and is furnished in such a way that imbues us with a sense of profound connection? Like our most loving relationships, our homes should be spaces that heal us. 

Love and design flourishes in the details

Let’s explore together what creates that “indescribable” feeling of love and how it can be reflected in the place we call home. The colors, textures, and elements you pick in designing a space, should mirror your emotional palette. Small gestures, such as nuanced expressions, a loving tease and shared moments are the fabrics of a meaningful relationship. And, equally, in the world of home design, it’s the thoughtful details that transform a space from a home into your haven.

Photographs by Laura Hull

Balanced design and relationships

In both relationship and home building, the concept of balance is essential. Love thrives when there is equilibrium. It’s the give and take that creates harmony. Likewise, a well-balanced design should integrate form and function as if they are the perfect late-night conversation.

Leaving space for growth

Just as relationships grow and adapt, so too, should the design of a home. Spaces should have flexibility to accommodate changing needs, just like the qualities of a loving partnership and stand as a testament to the enduring nature of both.

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The essence of authenticity reverberates profoundly in both nourishing relationships and exceptional design. Genuine connections thrive on a foundation of transparency and honesty, mirroring the integrity of a home that embraces its architectural authenticity, fostering an environment as distinctive as the love it shelters. By recognizing the parallels between them, we can craft spaces that not only visually captivate but also resonate with the enduring essence of love, making each day a celebration of the heart.

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