A First Look at trends in Atlanta & Vegas

Buyers attending winter markets in Atlanta and Las Vegas will find products with a message — whether whispered in small script or writ large, according to the International Market Centers’ new First Look forecast, which deems the trend Amplify.

The trend has its roots in a larger cultural ethos in which “messages carry unprecedented meaning” and during a time when a “tweet sways political discourse, a gripping post launches a movement and a dance move becomes a cultural phenomenon,” the IMC says in a news release. “In Amplify, featured products have something to say.” With words, phrases, badges and symbols, these products convey a mood that’s “upbeat, hip, irreverent, uplifting, sincere, simple, rousing, festive and persuasive,” according to the forecast.


With this new trend forecast, IMC is expanding its First Look program to explore home and gift trends at the Atlanta Market with First Look East, in addition to those at the Las Vegas Market with First Look West. First Look programs will showcase these trends at the markets through product displays, programming, guides and more, IMC says.

“With the expansion to Atlanta Market, First Look becomes the first of its kind — an actionable, nationwide trend program that gives buyers the tools to source must-have products in real time,” says Dorothy Belshaw, IMC executive vice president and chief customer and marketing officer. “The connectivity to Las Vegas Market has long been the draw of First Look for retailers and designers, and we are proud to extend this engaging programming to our Atlanta Market.”

The Amplify trend bridges both markets, IMC says. The First Look forecasts also point to specific trends to look for in Atlanta (Jan. 10-16) and Las Vegas (Jan. 29-Feb. 2).

Trends specific to the Atlanta Market:

  • Care: More than mere pampering and relaxation, Care is about the attention we give to our loved ones, our homes, our pets, our communities and ourselves, according to First Look. “Devotion to family and friends, environmental responsibility and healthful living come together in a dining and lounge space that is comforting, reassuring and bountiful,” the forecast says. In home furnishings, the trend can be seen in dining room, upholstery and accent furniture; decorative accessories; lighting; cozy textiles and area rugs; tabletop; and candles with scents that nourish and revitalize.
  • Explore: Consumers are eager for new travels, new adventures and new hobbies. Explore focuses on home furnishings inspired by travel, as well as those that support consumers indulging in their favorite pastimes and learning new skills. In terms of home furnishings, the trend is strong in comfort-forward seating; accent tables; media consoles and writing/laptop desks; cozy textiles; plush area rugs; and games.

Two trends specific to the Las Vegas Market:

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  • Nuance: Neutrals and contrasts will star at the beginning of 2023, the First Look forecast says. That’s especially true for combinations that group matte finishes in black, dark gray and cocoa with golden hues of wheat and sand and washed-wood finishes. “Bouclé fabrics, woven materials and designs whisper sustainability with comfort features that exclaim livability,” according to the news release. See the trend in dining room, bedroom, upholstery and accent furniture; decorative accessories; lighting; wall decor; textiles and area rugs; tabletop; and candles.
  • Venture: “Stargaze at El Capitan. Rock climb in Telluride. Reach the peak at Angel’s Landing. Kayak a Class V on the Colorado River. Consumers are ready adventure in 2023,” IMC says. For consumers seeking a less strenuous journey, the Venture trend also encompasses garden accessories and new florals, too. You’ll find Venture expressed in home furnishings that blend high-end lodge looks with Southwest-inspired flourishes.

“The expansion of First Look allows us to explore how trends can differ across the nation. IMC’s unique positioning with both East Coast and West Coast markets provides the opportunity for First Look to consider how regional differences impact styles and tastes while discovering the macro influences that unite American consumers,” says First Look curator Julie Smith Vincenti of Nine Muses Media, a trend expert and former magazine editor with 26 years of experience.

First Look programming
First Look East and First Look West will be explored through pre-market and at-market presentations by Vincenti.

A First Look East seminar will be at 2 p.m. ET Tuesday, Jan. 10 at the Atlanta Market. For more information, visit AtlantaMarket.com/Attend/Events. A First Look West pre-market webinar will be at 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, Jan. 18. An at-market seminar will be at 1:30 p.m. PT on Monday, Jan. 24. For more information, visit LasVegasMarket.com/Explore/Events-and-Seminars.

Exhibitors to the markets are invited to submit images of relevant product to be considered for the First Look programming, guide and at-market displays. Atlanta Market images are due Nov. 18 and can be submitted at AtlantaMarket.com/Exhibit/Exhibitor-Resources/Market-Toolkit/Submit-to-First-Look. Las Vegas Market images are due Nov. and can be submitted at LasVegasMarket.com/Exhibit/Advertising-and-Sponsorship-Opportunities/Submit-to-First-Look.

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