Four Hands

Designer Lauren Meichtry on ‘making it home’

Having moved a staggering 29 times in 40 years, designer Lauren Meichtry knows how important it is to create a sense of home wherever you are living. Two years ago, she made another big move — this one a shift in her career as she branched out from her pillow and home accessories business, opening an interior design arm and expanding her e-commerce shop Elise Home to Elsie Home + Design.

Inside Four Hands expanded Las Vegas showroom

The home furnishings brand nearly doubles its showroom footprint to accommodate growing collections and demand

Market musings: Was High Point Fall 2023 a successful market? 

The patchiness of the market’s attendance highlighted that what the big box buyers want and what the new class of interior designers want is diverging in a major way, forcing some brands to pick a lane

ISFD 2023 Pinnacle Awards® Recognizes Top Designers As Winners 

Pinnacle Awards “Untamed Minds” Gala held on Monday, October 16 in the Loft at Congdon Yards in High Point, a slate of industry notables presented professional and student home furnishings and textile designers with the prestigious  2023 Pinnacle Awards.

How to navigate High Point Market with John McClain & Courtney Porter

In the most recent episode of “The Designer Within” podcast, host John McClain welcomed Courtney Porter, editor in chief of “Decor News Now” and a distinguished figure in the design industry. This detailed and engaging episode delved into various facets of the design world, with a special focus on how to navigate High Point Furniture Market this week.

Four Hands launches Crafted in the USA collection

Four Hands, which sources products from manufacturing partners around the globe, is debuting its Crafted…

A conversation with Four Hands’ VP of design

Adam Dunn, vice president of design for Four Hands, is thrilled by a painting of…

A new president’s plans for Four Hands’ upholstery

Four Hands’ upholstery division is planning to expand production to the United States and Europe…

A few of Rick Lovegrove’s favorite things

With his recent promotion to president of upholstery for Four Hands, Rick Lovegrove’s day-to-day responsibilities…

Four Hands promotes Candace Bridges and Rick Lovegrove

Home furnishings and accessories resource Four Hands has promoted Candace Bridges to chief people officer…