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hands holding fan deck of paint chip color palettes

FS forecasts key color trends for 2025

“These earthy pigments signal consumers’ desire to welcome objects that are steeped in history and storytelling, resulting in a treasure trove of (pieces) with a time-worn narrative,” Spradlin says. These tactile tones have emerged from organic materials. Think everyday objects, imperfections and oxidation but also luxuriousness and decadence.

The future of retail inside brick-and-mortar stores

Automation, artificial intelligence and other tech enhancements are definitely part of the future of retail,…

The green future of furniture components & production

Packing derived from algae. 3D printers on the manufacturing floor. Bio-based leathers on seating. Trackers…

Color forecast: Heat Wave, Baked Goods and Natural Process on the horizon

If you want to stay ahead of the style curve as you head into home…