Timothy Corrigan

Snubbed by Architectural Digest: The struggle of the American artisan

Gerald Olesker of ADG Lighting discusses a recent dispute with Architectural Digest’s cover story featuring the home of actress Sofia Vergara, which kicked off an industry-wide conversation over attribution. But the story spans beyond AD not giving proper attribution. The story is about what happens after: how it affects Main Street USA.

Circaphiles: Where elite designers find and share unique sources

After branching out on her own, Trousdale noticed a change taking place in the industry: Clients were becoming more familiar with product. There was growing pressure to present clients high level design with an element of surprise. Who and where could she turn to find the industry support and resources she needed to keep up with this shifting tide? Turns out she wasn’t the only designer noticing the trend. As a result, Trousdale launched Circaphiles in 2020, which connects and empowers professionals in the design industry by providing educational resources, networking opportunities, and access to unique sources, vetted by peers designing at a high level.